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everlane wide leg chinos review

I have historically been very anti-trend. It’s not that I don’t like new things, but more that I’m not interested in investing in something that isn’t going to be in style anymore in two seasons. Even when I get things for free (which is, admittedly, pretty often), I try to choose classic pieces in neutral colors that will last in my my wardrobe for years – maybe even decades if I can manage to take care of something well enough for it to become vintage one day. Assuming that my body stays more or less the same size, having a closet full of well-loved, heirloom pieces is the ultimate goal.

And so today I want to talk about a trend that I have struggled with, but that I ultimately gave in to: wide leg pants.

I know, I am hardly on the edge of fashion innovation with this one. For years the elders have been whispering that wide legs are coming, but I would not listen. I held fast to the idea that these weird looking pants would come and go with the chokers and the straw bags, but they trudged on, venturing out of the high fashion houses from whence they came and stationing themselves prominently in mainstream retailers of cool-girl clothes like Madewell, Zara, and  Everlane. Oh yes, my sweet skinny-jean child, I think it is safe to say that wide legs are here.

Privately, I had committed myself to never buying a pair, but then three important things happened:

1. My husband mentioned that he didn’t like them, so I thought, I must defy him. For feminism.

2. I stumbled across this hilarious and wonderful article on The Cut, which reminded me that we all thought skinny jeans looked weird once, too.

3. Lee of Style Bee posted a blog piece about the Everlane Wide Leg Chino on her site, and they looked so good on her that I immediately added to cart. (And FYI, while I do get plenty of Everlane products for free as an affiliate, I bought these myself with my own money.)

everlane wide leg chino review
Wearing Loyale Studio Style No. 1 in Black, Everlane Wide Leg Chino in Stone, Everlane Day Heel in Pecan, Everlane Day Square Tote in Black.

You guys. What was I ever thinking? I am obsessed with these pants. I love them particularly in this style, as opposed to the much more popular Wide Leg Crop, because the design is so streamlined and the fabric is more summery. I also prefer the length on these – they feel more adult, although I couldn’t exactly tell you why.

I like them styled with a black top and a nude shoe (#uniform), but I’m looking forward to experimenting more with the rest of my closet as the season goes on. In the cover photo of this blog post, I’m wearing them with my Tradlands Seville Shirt and my Blake Goods Center Bar Belt.

A quick note on fit: I got these in a size 2, and even though I could have shimmied into a 0 for a better fit in the waist, I’m actually going to keep these and get the waist taken in an inch or so. I think these fit my hips perfectly, and if I sized down, I’d run the risk of them being uncomfortably tight. Just for reference, I’m 5’2″, and I have a 26″ waist and 37″ hips. My regular size in jeans is 26.

Another trend I never thought I’d like, and which I did not choose but was foisted upon me, is sneakers. I wrote in a recent post that I have never been a casual sneaker person, but when Everlane sent me a pair of the new Tread trainers as part of their promotional efforts for the new brand, I figured I might as well give it a shot. Worst case scenario, I hate them and sell them on Poshmark.

everlane tread review
Wearing with LOFT Softened Cotton Shirt (old), and Everlane High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans

Well, I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, and I’m here to tell you that I do not hate them. In fact, I really, really like them. I don’t think these look great in every colorway, but in the Glacier (wearing in the photo above), Rose, and Off-White, I think they’re pretty cute.

I will caution: these are not athletic shoes. They are not meant to be worn for running or working out. As my blogger friend Elaine mentioned in a really great post recently, the natural rubber used in these shoes is freaking heavy. And the leather uppers make them hot. But I would say that these features also makes them robust – I’m not afraid to wear these in the rain or on an exploratory trek around the Potomac with my dog. I think they’d probably even be good for a light hike. They are sturdy as hell, and they can definitely withstand some rougher terrain (something I can’t say for my running sneakers, which I recently ruined by wearing them on a 4-mile excursion in Shenandoah).

The last trend I decided to take the plunge on this summer is the jumpsuit. Again, this is something that became very mainstream while I continued to resist and resist, but I’ve decided that jumpsuits look cool, and I want one.

Everlane is coming out with a go-weave jumpsuit in a couple of weeks, so I asked if I could try one because I thought it would be a great piece to upgrade my occasion-wear collection with. That collection currently consists of one designer dress that I stole from my best friend five years ago and haven’t given back, and a floral midi wrap dress from Banana Republic that I wore to two weddings in 2016 and now go back and forth about whether or not I want to sell. So, let’s hope Everlane says yes.

Are there any trends that you tried and unexpectedly loved? Or hated? I wanna know!

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11 thoughts on “What I Wore | Trends I Never Thought I’d Like

  1. I love those pants in that particular color on everyone, but I have a khaki phobia from my years working in retail. If you post enough pictures wearing them, I will eventually crack under the pressure.


      1. I associate khaki pants with sucky corporate retail jobs, because I had to wear them at Blockbuster (RIP) and Hobby Lobby, two strange places full of trauma-inducing managers. My phobia is so bad that I am tempted to throw out all khaki pants donated to the thrift shop where I work.


  2. I’ve had that exact pair of pants in my Everlane cart since they dropped, haha. This might push me over the edge since I’m looking for a summer-OK non-jean pant.


    1. I think these are a really great weight for summer! They do get a bit wrinkly over the course of the day, but I feel like that’s fine for a casual summer look anyway.


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