Three Things I Like About Everlane’s New Jumpsuit

everlane essential jumpsuit review

Jumpsuits have never held that much allure for me, even as they’ve continued to rise in popularity over the last several years. As a petite woman with curves, I just assume that the waist will be too low, the hips will be too tight, and the hem will be too long. Jumpsuits, in my mind, were exclusively for tall, thin women with small chests and skinny hips. Hard pass.

But lately I’ve been trying to take more risks with my wardrobe (see: neon green sweater and wide leg pants), so when I saw that Everlane was coming out with their very first jumpsuit, I jumped (heh) at the chance to try one. Why the heck not, right?

Everlane generously gifted me the Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit to review on my blog, and after having worn it around, I find that there’s a lot to like about it.

everlane goweave jumpsuit review

Some quick details about the jumpsuit before I get started: the Essential Jumpsuit is made of Everlane’s signature Japanese GoWeave fabric, comes in sizes 0-16, and is currently offered in three colorways: black, dusty blue, and olive. I’m wearing it in black in size 0. The jumpsuit can be worn with or without the detachable belt (I tried it without it and I look like a weird baby without a waist, so you’re not going to see that look on the blog – sorry). It costs $120.

Everlane also came out with two other styles in its jumpsuit launch: a short sleeve version of the GoWeave jumpsuit, and a linen, apron-style jumpsuit. I went for this particular style because I wanted something sophisticated to upgrade my occasion-wear collection with that I could also wear to work.

Here’s what I like about it:

The Fabric

Japanese GoWeave, aka 100% triacetate, aka a cellulose-based fabric that undergoes a pretty significant amount of chemical processing to be turned into clothing, is controversial among Everlane fans for not aligning very well with the brand’s vocal commitment to sustainability in its production and materials sourcing. That said, in terms of wearability, Japanese GoWeave is a really nice, robust fabric that drapes beautifully and is cool and comfortable on the skin. I have two other Everlane pieces in this fabric that I love, the Short Sleeve Mini Wrap Dress, and the Track Shorts (no longer available, but I wish Everlane would bring these back because they are the best shorts I’ve ever owned, and are actually the only shorts I own).

EDIT | May 21, 2019 | Everlane talked a little bit more about GoWeave/triacetate in their Transparency Tuesday Instagram stories today, and I took a screen grab because I thought it was worth posting. I’m glad to see that there’s an effort to practice good forest management when sourcing this fabric.


everlane goweave jumpsuit revieweverlane goweave jumpsit review

The Style

The Essential Jumpsuit looks a heck of a lot like the ethical fashion cult favorite Elizabeth Suzann Mara Jumpsuit (no longer available but reviewed here by one of my very favorite bloggers) and it’s a look that I always thought looked really sophisticated and versatile. I love that the v-neck on this comes up so high – it looks really lovely, maybe even a little bit sexy, but I’m never in danger of spilling out or showing a lot of cleavage. The hem is obviously meant to be more cropped (Everlane, please get some short models on your site!), but it just looks like a regular length pant on me, which is fine.

I wore this to work with a blazer and my Day Heels (shown below) but I also plan to wear it out and about in the summer with my straw hat and leather sandals, and to a wedding in November with a great pair of strappy black heels and a pretty clutch.

everlane goweave jumpsuit with blazereverlane goweave jumpsuit with blazer
The blazer is from the fancy Goodwill by my mom’s place in Connecticut, in case you were wondering.

The Durability

Maybe this actually belongs in the fabric category, but I’m listing it out separately because on its own, it’s such an important feature. To be able to wear something to a wedding, stuff it into a suitcase, and then throw it into the washing machine is a true joy. Thanks to the fabric, cut, and style of the jumpsuit, it looks a lot more expensive and delicate than it is, so I love that it can stand up to pretty much anything I put it through. It also doesn’t collect dog hair, which is huge for me because I have a hound dog whose hair is so course that it is basically barbed, and trying to get it off my clothes is the bane of my existence.

A few small criticisms

To borrow a phrase from a very funny friend of mine, this jumpsuit is a little bit zorchy. By which I mean, not always so comfortable in the crotch area. I find I have to adjust my position and tug at it a little bit to be comfortable when sitting down. I would not wear this when I have my period (plus, we all know it takes a zillion years to use the restroom in a jumpsuit anyway, so why make that humiliating half-naked-in-the-frigid-office-bathroom-stall experience even worse?).

My second criticism is regarding the sizing, which definitely favors thin, or at least “proportionate” bodies. As a conventionally thin woman, I was able to make this style work for me despite the fact that my bottom half is bigger than my top half, but I’ve heard from an Instagrammer who describes herself as an “extreme pear shape” that the jumpsuit really, really didn’t work for her, which is disappointing.

Overall, I really love this jumpsuit and I plan to keep it. On a somewhat related note, can we please collectively speculate if Everlane sneakily teased a new Day Tote on its stories the other day?

everlane instagram story screen shot

I hope so, because that little guy is CUTE.

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7 thoughts on “Three Things I Like About Everlane’s New Jumpsuit

  1. I know jumpsuits don’t work on my shape (short torso, long legs, different sizes on top and bottom), but this looks SO GOOD on you that I’m tempted. You look fabulous.


  2. Thank you so much! And I totally get what you mean. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the fit of this jumpsuit since I’m more pear shaped, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think if I hadn’t worked for me, I would have experimented with some “faux” jumpsuit looks with matching separates.


    1. Yes, definitely! I personally don’t like that look on myself, but there’s absolutely room for it in the jumpsuit. Maybe I’d test it out with a thin turtleneck in the winter!


  3. Zorchy! I’ve been looking for a word to describe this phenomenon for like a year. I’ve just been using “crotchy” which is not nearly as good of a euphemism!


  4. I have the opposite misgivings about jumpsuits–unless they have a “tall” size, it’s just not going to work for me. It’s the same with one-piece swimsuits! This one looks amazing on you though!!


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