How I Wear My Most Versatile Top

vetta capsule boxy blouse white

How about some classic wardrobe science for today’s post? Part of my pursuit of a minimalist wardrobe involves figuring out how to take one item and style it in as many different ways as possible. And this isn’t just styling for styling’s sake – I actually wear everything that I post here in my daily life. This week I took my VETTA Boxy Blouse to task and wore it three times in three different ways, so I thought I’d show you the outfits I put together and talk a little bit about why I love this blouse so much.

A quick disclosure before I begin: I am a VETTA affiliate, but this post is not sponsored, and I bought this top myself nearly a year ago. If you make a purchase using one of the links in this post, I may make a small commission from the sale.

So, a little bit about VETTA and the Boxy Blouse. VETTA is a brand I love that I’ve written about before – they create 5-item mini-capsules that can make 30 outfits when combined in different ways. Many of their garments are reversible and/or convertible. They source their materials sustainably, and their garments are made ethically in factories in NYC and LA.

The Boxy Blouse is, in my opinion, the real MVP of the Relaxed Capsule, which was first released last spring and was just re-released in full a couple of weeks ago. I think the Relaxed Capsule is probably my favorite capsule from VETTA to date. The Boxy Blouse is made from 27% linen and 73% Tencel, and it comes in two colorways, white and sand. It costs $89. I’m wearing it in white in size XS.

The Boxy Blouse is machine washable – I usually put mine in a mesh bag and wash it on warm with other white clothes, and then hang it to dry. Both linen and Tencel are fabrics that are prone to wrinkling, so I always give this a quick steam before I put it on for the day (and yes, it does look pretty “lived in” by the end of the day). One of the things I like most about this top is that the sleeves stay far away from the armpits – that means that I can almost always get 5 or 6 wears out of it before I have to put it in the washing machine.

How I wore it: On the weekend

vetta capsule boxy blouse and everlane easy chinos ochrevetta capsule boxy blouse and everlane chinos

I wore the Boxy Blouse over the weekend with my Everlane Easy Chinos and my Olukai ‘Upena Sandals. It was great for a casual day hanging out at home, although I wish I’d had somewhere to go that day because I really loved this outfit. Wearing this blouse tied up in the front just feels so summery to me, and I love how the brown tones in the buttons are brought out by the ochre color of the pants.

How I wore it: To the office

vetta capsule boxy blouse review

I wore this to work over an old thrifted J.Crew cami and my trusty thrifted Eileen Fisher viscose skirt. Paired with my pecan Everlane Day Heels and black Day Square Tote, this casual blouse feels more formal and polished. Keeping one button done shows off the pretty shape of the blouse without looking too stiff, and cuffing the sleeves makes them just a smidge slimmer, which I prefer for the office.

How I wore it: After work

vetta capsule boxy blouse whiteLRM_EXPORT_1217810340741343_20190501_190035692

To give this outfit a second wind after I was done at the office for the day, I simply swapped my heels for sneakers, put my hair up, and turned the blouse around. I tied it up in the back, and can we all just collectively LOL at my attempt to get a photo of that? I think that buttons down the back of a shirt or dress is such a pretty, feminine detail, and I often wear this blouse this way, tied up or left loose.

These are just the ways that I wore the Boxy Blouse this week, but over the last year I have worn it so many times in so many different variations. This is really one of the hardest working pieces in my closet, and I can confidently say that it was worth every penny. I also own the Boyfriend Shirt, which has a similar vibe but is different in a few key ways. I wrote about it quickly here, but let me know if you’d be interested in a more detailed review of that piece.

Any questions about the VETTA Boxy Blouse or how I try to get the most out of my clothes? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “How I Wear My Most Versatile Top

  1. It’s so cute turned around! And yes please on a more detailed Boyfriend Shirt review. I’ve been eyeing that and the Girlfriend Shirt, trying to decide which one would fit me better.


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