What I Wore | Dinner Date

everlane rewool overcoat outfit

Hey guys, happy Sunday! Just piping in with yet another chatty outfit post for you. It’s been a week of extreme ups and downs (tanked another GRE practice yesterday – YAY), but overall I’m feeling optimistic. You all left such encouraging, supportive comments on my last post, I honestly just want to print them and keep them on my desk for when I’m feeling down. Your cheerleading means a lot to me, so thank you.

Yesterday I got to wear a really great outfit because one of my very best ethical fashion friends came to town and we were able to grab a nice dinner together. My go-to dinner date outfit is an LBD, so that’s exactly what I wore. My favorite, all-season black dress is the Brooklyn Wrap from wool&. I’m wearing it here, although it’s a little hard to see in the photo since it’s under my coat. It’s great for work, dinner, dates, weekend errands, traveling, napping, whatever. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Merino wool is a miracle fabric. The Brooklyn Wrap is sadly sold out in black, but I bet they’ll restock soon, and it’s still available in the beautiful seafoam and blue dusk shades. Wool& also just re-released their original Rowena Swing Dress (of the famous 100 Days Challenge) for pre-order, and I would absolutely recommend that one as well.

Since it is allegedly still winter, I paired the Brooklyn Wrap with tights, ankle boots, a camel coat, and a little leather clutch. When it comes to putting together an elegant dinner outfit, I am all about simple, no-fuss classics. I got a lot of DMs about this coat on IG yesterrday, so just FYI, it’s the Everlane Italian ReWool Overcoat, and yes it is fancy as hell. I wrote a full review of it here. Full review of the boots I’m wearing here. The clutch is just a little fake leather situation I bought for like three dollars at a thrift shop in Richmond, VA. It’s nothing special, but it is my favorite date bag.

Outfit aside, the best part of the night was getting to see Andrea (aka @acjarrett). Andrea and I became friends through a hashtag. Welcome to the future, people. We both love wearing and writing about sustainable fashion, and we connected via Instagram and became close friends pretty much immediately. Andrea lives in St. Louis and I live in DC, so we almost never get to meet up IRL. The planets aligned this weekend, though, and we managed to snag an evening to do dinner together in downtown Washington.

I really believe that relationships made via the internet can be just as real and meaningful as friendships made with the people who share your physical space, but it’s even more important to work on and maintain internet friendships by seeing each other in person when you can. I feel so lucky to have a great friend like Andrea in my life – getting to share a meal together for the first time in over a year was really special.

renee and andrea

Here’s Andrea looking fashionable af as always. Look at that scarf! She thrifted it! Can you believe it? Follow her on IG for more of her beautiful mermaid hair and musings on ethical fashion.

One last pic before I go work on some timed problem sets (#killme), a gratuitously filtered IG story that I saved because I am vain and I thought it made my coat look really good.

everlane wool overcoat ig story

so shadow. much rosy. wow.

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links. All opinions expressed are my own.



One thought on “What I Wore | Dinner Date

  1. I’ve been loving your chatty posts! GRE is so tough, but you seem very motivated, so I’m sure you’ll do well. I am interesting in hearing about your grad school journey if thats something you feel comfortable sharing.

    I’ve long been on the hunt for a go-to, well-made, long-lasting LBD, so definitely going to check out wool&.I also ordered some Pact undies thanks to your post (was in the market anyway) and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!


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