Everlane Review: The Day Boot (Updated December 2019)

Everlane Day Boot Review

Can they really go #alldamnday?

Earlier this month, Everlane released its brand new Day Boot, cousin of the popular Day Heel, Day Glove, and Day Mule. These shoes are some of Everlane’s best sellers – the claim being that each style is comfortable enough to wear all day – whatever life may throw at you – while still looking polished and cool.

The little editorial story for the Day Boot showed two models prepping for a dinner party, on their feet all day as they perused the flower market and presumably mixed bespoke cocktails for a cast of attractive friends. I guess some people’s real lives might be like that, but I think the typical Everlane customer is probably more like me: taking public transportation to a 9-5 desk job, dragging myself to the gym, and eating leftovers for dinner because I’m too tired to cook. Likely ending the day with a glass of cheap wine and a marathon of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Is the Day Boot equipped to handle that kind of glamorous life? Read on to find out.

Everlane Day Boot Review

Everlane Day Boot in Black ($225), gifted to me by Everlane.

I started my first day in the Day Boot at the ungodly hour of 6:30am, when I hopped in the car and my husband drove me to the metro station (living that #commuterlife). I tried to take some cool photos for you guys on the train, but the truth is that there is no amount of editing that will make the DC metro look presentable.

My first few hours at the office were great. I mentioned the boots to anyone and everyone who even came close to looking at my feet (thirsty), and I felt like they elevated my whole outfit. Business casual can be a tough dress code to nail, especially when you just want to EXPRESS YOURSELF all the time, but I think these boots do a good job of maintaining the dress code while still demonstrating my personal taste.

At midday, I ventured out of the office in search of sustenance and to see how the Day Boot would fare on the uneven brick sidewalks of downtown Washington, DC. I normally wear two pairs of shoes each day – my office shoes, which I typically keep in my desk drawer, and my “commuter” shoes, which are usually ugly but more appropriate for actual outdoor walking. On this day I decided to forgo the commuter shoes and give the Day Boots a chance at being both.

They performed well, but by the afternoon they were starting to feel snug and I was dying to get out of them. I learned the hard way with my Nisolo Mariella mules that it can take a while to properly break in new leather shoes, so I was prepared for an afternoon of pain, and I had my trusty Tevas in my gym bag should the situation become dire.

Everlane Day Boot Review

Wearing Everlane silk blouse (no longer available, similar here) and Everlane Easy Chinos (now back in stock in ochre!)

After work I took the metro to the climbing gym, and then I crushed a V7 in my Day Boots.


I did go to the gym (hooray self care!) but I didn’t wear my Day Boots and I definitely wasn’t crushing V7s (more like struggling up some V2s..). I climbed in my climbing shoes, which, if you know anything about climbing shoes, you’ll know are basically designed to be uncomfortable, and so weren’t much of a break after a day of breaking in new boots.

Since I am officially done with my days of mutilating my feet for the sake of fashion, I commuted home in my Tevas.

I actually wore the boots again the next day, and this time I didn’t find that uncomfortable tightness by 2pm. They were completely comfortable the entire day, even for my evening dog walk.

So take note: the break in period for the Day Boot is approximately one day. Not bad!

vetta capsule boxy blouse and everlane day boot

Wearing Vetta Capsule Boxy Blouse and Eileen Fisher skirt (thrifted, similar here)

Now that we’ve established that the boots can, in fact, go #alldamnday in the life of a normal person, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the review.

Sizing + Fit

Everlane’s website says that the Day Boot runs true to size, and that the leather will soften and conform to the foot with wear. I ordered a size 6 and found that they fit perfectly. Like I mentioned above, they started to feel a little tight and uncomfortable toward the middle of the first day (especially in the right toe box), but they were completely fine by the second day.

I’m not sure I’d recommend these boots to anyone with wide feet, since they do have a very snug, glove-like fit.

Color + Style

The Day Boot comes in black, burgundy, brick, eccru (which is a sort of beige/yellow?), and white. The whole world is on the white boot trend right now, but I went with the black because it’s classic and versatile. I like the trendy colors, but when I’m adding a true investment piece to my wardrobe, it needs to be something I can wear for years and years without worrying that I’m going to regret buying it because it was only hot for a minute in fall 2018.

The leather on these is buttery soft and very shiny. Another testament to their versatility, the 2 inch heel means that these can easily be dressed up or down. I envision these at the grocery store as easily as I see them at a fancy holiday party.

Everlane Day Boot Review

Wearing Madewell silk blouse (thrifted, no longer available, similar here), Everlane High-Rise Skinny Ankle Jean in Black, GLDN Poise La Femme necklace, and Dooney & Bourke bag (vintage)


I mean, you saw the whole story above, but I’ll reiterate: these are super comfortable. The heel is barely noticeable, and the leather is soft and pliable. I think these can easily be worn daily (I get it! Day Boot!) without your feet feeling pinched or constricted.

Role In My Capsule Wardrobe

If this is your first time on this blog, you might not know that I keep a capsule wardrobe. Basically, I try to keep my entire clothing collection down to a small number of well-made, well-loved versatile pieces that I wear on repeat for a full season. I asked Everlane for the Day Boot specifically because a plain black boot had been on my fall capsule wish-list for months, and honestly, I thought applying for the Everlane affiliate program might be the most economical way for me to get a pair (#hustle). I plan to keep three pairs of shoes in my wardrobe this fall: My Nisolo Mariella Mules, my old floral tapestry ankle booties (pictured here), and the Everlane Day Boots. Those are all I need.

Everlane Day Boot Review


My primary concern with these boots is scuffing. The buttery softness of the leather makes these shoes look and feel beautiful, but it means they aren’t particularly tough, and I’m worried that I might be one sidewalk-trip away from disastrously scuffing or even ripping them. I do have a leather brush that I use to brush out minor scuffs, but it won’t be enough to save them from a major incident.

My other concern is water. I haven’t worn them on a rainy day yet, but I’m sure they’d get ruined if I did. I worry that the leather is too soft to take a leather protectant product without compromising the shine and texture, so I’ll need to explore that a bit more. Any recommendations for water-proofing products? Let me know!

Everlane Day Boot Review


I love these boots. I wanted them the minute I saw the sneak peak on Everlane’s Coming Soon page, and I am so, so grateful that Everlane gave me this pair to try and review for all of you. I think these are beautiful, well-made boots that will add classic drama to any outfit, and I’m excited to wear them all season long. If you’re thinking about buying a pair, please use my affiliate link. It helps me to maintain this blog and keep it ad-free.



Hello friends! It’s been over a year since I first wrote this review, and in that time, I have put these boots through a lot. I can now say, with complete confidence, that these boots are fabulous. In the fall and winter months, they are my most reached-for shoe. I try not to wear them too many days in a row to give the leather a break (something my husband says is important – okay, sure), but I wear them at least 2-3 times a week.

How have they held up, you might be wondering. Very well. There are now a few small scuffs in the toe area, but otherwise, they still look brand new. I have been caught in the rain in these and I have gotten mud all over the heels and the sides, but I always give them a quick brush and wiping off when I get home, and they pretty much still look good as new. I would buy another pair of these in a heartbeat. For more recent photos of these, check out my Instagram page.

p.s. Today (December 10, 2019)Everlane is running a sale on the Day Boots for $175, as opposed to the usual $225. As someone who has been wearing these consistently for over a year, I say run, don’t walk, to get your size before they run out!

This post is not sponsored, but it does contain affiliate links from which I may receive a small commission. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.




6 thoughts on “Everlane Review: The Day Boot (Updated December 2019)

  1. Hi Renée, Everlane recommended Apple brand leather cleaner, conditioner, and separate water repellant for my black Day Tote. I was worried about water too as I try to keep my number of items minimal, which poses a problem for rainy days. I ordered from Amazon and applied the products in order, and I feel like my bag is a lot more protected now. They’re not exactly the most low waste alternative, but I think if you already have a cleaner of some sort the water repellant would be a good investment for any of your leather goods. Hope this helps!!


  2. Love the boots, but I too would be concerned about the amount of wear and tear they’d actually take. Just out of curiosity, when climbing what does V2 and V7 mean? I’ve never heard of those before.


    1. Hopefully with some leather treatment they’ll be perfectly fine! V2 and V7 are bouldering (short climbs with no rope) grades. So the grading starts at VIntro, V1, V2, and so on. They get harder as the numbers increase. A V2 is considered fairly easy and a V7 is considered pretty hard.


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