Playing Dress Up | Warm Autumn Outfit

power of my people shirt and everlane jeans

Listen guys. I love summer, I really do. I love the beach, the sun, summer clothes, and long, hot days. But it’s September. And 100 degrees outside. And I am OVER. IT.

After getting home from work this evening, walking my dog in a zillion percent humidity, and peeling off my sweaty dress and sandals, I thought it might be nice to pretend for a moment that fall is actually here and that I can dress for it.

I didn’t really wear this outfit, but it was fun to put together and I hope that I will get to wear it once the weather cools down.

power of my people shirt

|SHIRT| I’m wearing a Power of My People shirt that was “gifted” in the sense that it was given to me by a very generous friend who no longer had room for it in her own wardrobe. Power of My People is a Canadian brand that makes ethically produced shirting for capsule wardrobes for men and women. I have lusted after their shirts for years, so I was very thankful to have had this one land in my mailbox. This style isn’t available anymore, but it’s a sort of brushed flannel in a beautiful red-brown heather.

|JEANS|I’m currently in a love-hate relationship with most of my pants thanks to the two additional inches of hips I’m rocking these days, but I can still manage to hoist these jeans up over my butt, so they can stay in rotation for now. Classic black jeans are a foundational piece in my fall wardrobe and in colder months I wear these non-stop.

|SHOES| Speaking of love-hate relationships, I think I finally came to love these flats once they were done thrashing my ankles to hell. The break-in process was painful, but they look so Audrey Hepburn with little black ankle pants that I’ve decided they were worth the work.

|BAG| I’m toting a Dooney & Bourke Lexington Shopper, which was also gifted to me…by my mom! She and I share a love of Dooney and she surprised me with this pebbled leather beauty last Christmas. My favorite thing about this bag is that it has little “feet” on the bottom, so the leather is protected from dirt and grime when you set it on the ground (as I often do while riding the metro).

goblin shark autumn outfit

That’s all for today! What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

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13 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up | Warm Autumn Outfit

  1. So cute Renee, I would wear all these things. I find myself getting back in touch with my oversized top, slim pant loving self as fall rolls around, though I’m currently also living squarely in 100 degrees out, fantasy fall zone. I picked up an oversized sweater in olive green from Poshmark, of which I had the cream version from Anthropologie several years ago. I had declared back in ‘17 it was no longer “me” and sold it, but now I’m back to that shape once again. Perhaps I actually knew what was “me” to begin with 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈? Very much looking forward to wearing it!!


  2. Duster cardigans, leggings, and ankle boots! Though today I can cheat a bit and wear all three since I’m stuck in a freezing convention center all day.


  3. I am excited for sweaters! And not shaving my legs! But I’m like you in that I keep gaining weight from my hip up to my waist so none of my pants fit very well right now and it’s frustrating.

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  4. This top is so cute! I’m so ready for fall weather!

    Xo Logan
    Oh my goodness, I love this post! I definitely agree with all of these tips but the one that really stood out to me is doing an environmental cleanse. I notice when I get the most stressed my room always shows it. I try to make a habit of making my bed every day to make sure I feel a little bit more relaxed. Stay calm girly!

    Xo Logan


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