5 Late Summer Outfits (With Hints of Autumn)

late summer outfit

Fall is not here yet, no matter what Starbucks says, so I’m trying to dress accordingly.

This time of year, when the humidity drops and the sun starts getting lower in the sky, it takes all my strength to remember that September afternoons still regularly top 80 degrees, and it’s not smart to pack away my summer staples and replace them with cozy sweaters and boots. I have spent many an early Fall sweltering in uncomfortable clothes because I was living in the fantasy of fall instead of the reality of late-summer.

This year, I’m trying a more transitional approach. Instead of going full-on Fall the moment the clock strikes September, I’m swapping in just a few pieces here and there that evoke autumn with color and texture, but still leave me cool and comfortable during the day.

The following are all outfits that I wore this week that put me in a fall mood.

(p.s. yes, I know the TV is on in nearly all of these photos. I take my pictures before I leave for work in the morning, our mirror is in our living room, and my husband is usually sitting on the couch watching YouTube videos of people fishing while I do it. This is real life!)

everlane texture cotton crop sweater review

The Summer Thing: Eileen Fisher Edge Sandals (thrifted and easily found on second hand sites)

I bought these sandals on Poshmark earlier this summer and I’m surprised at just how much wear I’ve already gotten out of them. The clean but bold shape makes them a great choice for the office in the summer.

The Autumn Thing: Everlane Texture Cotton Crop Cardigan (c/o Everlane)

I received this sweater from Everlane almost a month ago and I have been dying to post about it because it is SO NICE. It’s very reminiscent of a certain sweater that took Instagram by storm last winter, but Everlane’s version is offered at a more palatable price point. This is great to throw on over this LBD with a red lip, but it’s also really nice with a pair of shorts and sneakers for casual summer evenings. I’m wearing the size XS here, for reference.

Also Wearing: Not an LBD at all – surprise! This “dress” is actually a thrifted J.Crew tank top and a thrifted Eileen Fisher skirt, both purchased on Poshmark over a year ago. I’m carrying the Everlane Day Square Tote.

goblin shark late summer outfit

The Summer Thing: Bare legs and a vacation tan!

The Autumn Thing: Everlane Square Neck Bodysuit

I am addicted to olive. Put an olive piece of clothing in front of me and I can’t not buy it. I bought this (with my own money) shortly after seeing it reviewed and styled by Lee Vosburgh in her Instagram stories (check her highlights to see!) and I love how sleek and autumnal it is. I recently reviewed the short sleeve body suit, but I like this one even better.

Also Wearing: The same thrifted Eileen Fisher skirt, and my Everlane Day Heels.

Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Vest

The Summer Thing: Silk and Tencel.

These two fabrics really define my summer wardrobe. Luxurious, but drapey and cool. I’m hoping that these Tencel pants will transition nicely into fall with sweaters and boots. They might not be warm enough for the January-March, but I could probably get wear out of them through Thanksgiving, at least. The cream silk shell is an all-year-round basic for me, but I love wearing it by itself in the summer. Both pieces are thrifted Eileen Fisher.

The Autumn Thing: Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Vest in Cotton Canvas.

If you can believe it, I won this vest in an Instagram giveaway. Well, I won a gift card, which I used to buy the vest, but still. Close enough. Elizabeth Suzann is one of the first designers I learned about when I was discovering ethical and sustainable fashion, and I learned so much of what I know today through her work. I chose this vest because I thought of it as a a heritage piece – something hardy and timeless that I can pass on to my own daughter one day. I put it away for the summer, but I pulled it back out earlier this week because the color just reminds me of falling leaves and warm apple cider (I’m basic, I know).

Also Wearing: Those same thrifted Eileen Fisher sandals.

goblin shark autumn outfit

The Summer Thing: LOFT softened cotton shirt (old)

I’ve had this shirt for forever, and it’s still one of my favorite things in my closet. It’s made of a really light cotton and has a flowy silhouette, so it’s perfect for summer. I also love wearing it open over a tank top or a sleeveless dress.

The Autumn Thing: Nisolo Mariella Mules

A little too sweaty for mid-summer, these are perfect shoes for ushering in the Fall. The soft nap of the nubuck and the brown hue really evoke the cooler season for me. I bought these as a birthday present to myself two birthdays ago and they’re still going strong. Just a general note: I never, ever wear these on days that the forecast calls for rain because you really aren’t supposed to weather proof them and water could wreck them. Usually when I wear them, I stuff a pair of flats or sandals in a dust bag in my tote just in case.

Also Wearing: VETTA Peg Pant

My go-to, ride or die work pants. I wear these so often I’m not sure what I can even say about them anymore. VETTA did release a brand new Fall capsule today, though, so if you haven’t seen that yet, I’d recommend checking it out!

french connection long bomber

The Summer Thing: Everlane Go-Weave Shirt Dress

Another day, another olive thing. This has been one of my favorite pieces this summer, but I think it has a distinctly Fall vibe to it, too. I sort of feel like a cool, grown-up girl scout when I’m wearing this?

The Autumn Thing: French Connection Long Bomber

This was a random T.J. Maxx find that I will cherish for as long as I can. For me, this takes the place of a trench coat in my wardrobe. It layers really well, is semi water resistant, and the bomber collar is much more my style than the bulky, formal-feeling lapels of a trench. It’s also perfect for late summer because I can pack in into a teeny-tiny square and stuff it in my purse if the afternoon gets too warm. It’s no longer available, but I have seen a few floating around Poshmark.

Also Wearing: Everlane Day Heels, again.

That’s all the late-summer fashion I have for you today, but now that the season is in transition I’m feeling more inspired to post outfits regularly again. What do you do for your wardrobe when the season starts to change? I’m curious to know!

This post contains affiliate links, and some of the items pictured have been gifted to me by the brand.

4 thoughts on “5 Late Summer Outfits (With Hints of Autumn)

  1. These are such great transitional outfits. Reconciling commuting in the blazing heat with indoor A/C is no joke, especially while trying to embrace fall. These combos seem perfect. I have a question if you don’t mind: did you end up sizing up in the long sleeve bodysuit? I found your review of the short sleeve version very helpful. I’m typically a size medium in tops, and the medium, while pretty comfortable, was a little more snug in the bust than I like (and I could maybe use some more room in the torso as well). Just wondering if sizing up makes the fit a little wonky elsewhere. If you didn’t do this, never mind! It looks awesome, and I too love the olive.


    1. Hi Lenna! Thanks so much. I’m usually a size S for fitted tops, so I stuck with S for both the short and long sleeved bodysuits. It fits snugly, but it’s not uncomfortable. I could probably have sized up to an M and been fine too. I’d say check the size guide against your own measurements and make the best guess!


      1. Right on, thank you! All about avoiding as many returns as possible and trying to buy well in the first place. Enjoy the weekend 🙂


  2. Love these outfits. Totally agree with your philosophy. Lots of folks seem ready to dive into fall fashion but I’m savoring bare legs and sandals as long as I can. We’ll have plenty of freezing days come winter.

    Re: the tencel pants, I have the cove pants in black tencel from Only Child and wore them all winter in NYC. I’d layer black tights underneath, wear a thin wool sock and black ankle booties. It was so super toasty that it actually became my go-to outfit when it was below freezing.


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