Days 28 – 29 | Last Pants Standing

skye shirt dress and nisolo mules

Just a quick outfit recap tonight with some brief thoughts on pants and books.

Day 28 – Tuesday

goblin shark outfit 28
Wearing LOFT softened cotton shirt (old), VETTA Peg Pant, Cole Haan Mules (thrifted)

I’ve been pretty candid about the fact that I gained some weight over the last few months, and rather than make any attempt to lose that weight (boring), I decided to just take all the stuff that didn’t fit me out of my closet and throw it in seasonal storage, to be assessed again at a later date.

Well, it turns out that what didn’t fit me was most of my pants. Both pairs of jeans. My beloved Bill + Jay Kate Pants (I could probably move the button on these and they’d fit fine, but I’m too lazy for that project at present), even my ponte pants were coming unzipped by themselves every time I sat down.

Post purge, I’m left with exactly two pairs of pants: my VETTA Peg Pants, which actually fit better now that I fill out the hips a little more, and my Everlane Wide Leg Chinos, which are blessedly roomy for their numbered size. I’m happy with a small closet, but two pairs of pants seems like precariously few for an entire season of running around the city and sweating. After a weeks’ long Poshmark stakeout, I found a pair of beautiful Eileen Fisher wide leg crop pants that I think will help round out my summer closet. I’ll definitely be posting about those when they come in.

Day 29 – Wednesday

everlane day square tote
Wearing Skye Shirtdress (gifted), Nisolo Mariella Mules, Everlane Day Square Tote (gifted)

Not a lot to say about this outfit except that I liked it and it let me go one more day without shaving my underarms (which no one should feel obligated to do, but is my personal preference). A shirtdress like this is the perfect summer one-and-done for the office.

What I’m Reading

Remember how at the beginning of the year I set a goal to read 52 books in 2019? Well, that’s definitely not happening, but I have managed to finish a whopping 13 books since the year started, and I feel good about that.

I just finished A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers, which is the second installation in her wonderful Wayfarers series. I’ve heard someone describe Chambers’ books as “Rainbows and Hugs Space Opera” and even though it was a dig, I would agree with the characterization but argue that it is a delightful breath of fresh air in a genre that is usually dominated by much darker stories.

Right now, I’m in the middle of Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl, which is part memoir of her life as a female scientist, and part lots of interesting facts about trees. It’s beautifully written, funny, and giving me flashbacks to my days as a lowly geology student at Smith, where, I now realize, I was extremely spoiled by unlimited access to an x-ray diffraction machine.

What are you reading right now? I have a lot of things on my list, but I’m always looking for good summer reading recommendations.

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