Day 30 | Eileen Fisher Sandals

everlane dress blake goods belt

Today’s outfit was a real winner. The deeper that I get into this project, the more that I like my individual outfits. This one felt very Lake Como – just add straw hat and Negroni.

everlane dress and blake goods belt
Wearing Everlane Clean Silk Tank Dress (gifted, no longer available), Blake Goods Center Bar Belt (gifted), Everlane Day Heels (gifted)

New (to me) sandals

After much deliberation, I did eventually decide to replace my old leather LOFT sandals, but not with the Nisolo slides I’d been lusting after. In the spirit of Slow Fashion Season,  looked to the secondhand market instead.

I landed on a pair of Eileen Fisher Edge Slides, which normally retail for $185, but I found on Poshmark in near-perfect condition in my size for $40. I saved myself some cash and ended up with a high-quality pair of shoes that I know are going to be really versatile in my wardrobe, so I’m glad that I took the time to scout Poshmark until the perfect pair appeared.

Here’s a photo of my old sandals (which I unceremoniously trashed moments after taking this picture), compared to the new pair:

old sandals vs new sandals

The pock marks in the heels of the brown pair are from my dog chewing on them, FYI. It’s not really visible from this angle, but I was probably one bad step away from losing a strap. I had started to avoid wearing them, which is a clear sign that it was time to replace them, since I decided long ago that there’s no room in my closet for items that I don’t absolutely love.

eileen fisher sandals

p.s. Eileen Fisher is having a big end-of-season sale right now. I’m not sponsored by them or anything, but I saw the sale when I went to look up the going rate for these slides and thought I’d share it with you since there are some VERY good deals abound (up to 60% off!).

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3 thoughts on “Day 30 | Eileen Fisher Sandals

  1. Hey! Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, and I wanted to say how much I appreciate what you’re doing! It’s been straight up THERAPY, seeing that you’re encountering many of the same struggles I am with my own clothing adventures. I’m really grateful for your no-frills, real-life photo style and conversational tone, and for the honest approach.

    Thanks for all the work you do!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I must say, coming across your blog I appreciated you narrating the life of your little old sandals through the previous blog posts, from them coming into your life as an impulse buy, through their prime years, continuing to accrue compliments and appreciation against the wear and tear we all put our stuff through, until their final anticlimactic demise here.

    It almost made me relate to them as a character written about who came and went in your life. I know you probably won’t really miss them too much any more, but they must have lived a fulfilling life for you to have spotlighted them on the blog, relative to how many other little sandals of their character are treated by many people (probably bought and later disposed of way more unceremoniously than at least the farewell send-off and attention you gave them!) The fact that you’re such a thoughtful person and respectful about not treating your clothing as disposable probably means that the sandals likely had a better, longer, happier and more appreciated life than they would from someone less scrupulous.

    By the way, just wondering how long ago you got the old sandals and how many years they lasted with duration of wear? If they lived to such an old age, I’m sure many others bought at the same time are now long gone rather than still walking on the streets today. But I’ve seen similar styles hanging around.

    In any case, may those new Eileen Fisher sandals carry the torch forward as the well loved sandals in your life (I liked the “old guys meeting the new guys” side-by-side photos of the shoes; personally when I replace mine with the old forlorn ones nearby, I do kind of get teary eyed, but maybe that’s just me!). Hopefully those Eileen Fisher newbies become steadfast loyal companions and live long to become seasoned veterans of your wardrobe.



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