Home Clothes with Organic Basics Soft Touch

organic basics tencel soft touch tank review

My wardrobe is broken down into two primary categories, my capsule wardrobe, which is what you see every day, and my ‘home clothes’ which you basically never see. Home clothes are exactly what they sound like: the clothes you wear to just exist in the comfort of your own home. The only thing that home clothes need to be is comfortable. I blog in my home clothes. I cook in my home clothes. I read books and walk my dog and binge watch episodes of Siren in my home clothes. I live most of my life in them, actually.

I haven’t written much about home clothes before, but I’m showing you some today because I got the opportunity to try a piece from Organic Basics’ new Soft Touch TENCEL line, and, well, the price of free clothes is that you have to actually photograph and write about the clothes.

About the brand

Organic Basics is a Denmark-based clothing brand that focuses on sustainably made basics like t-shirts, underwear, and socks for men and women. They produce their clothes in ethical partner factories and use sustainable materials like GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled nylon and wool, and TENCEL Lyocell. They use seamless knitting to improve the strength of individual garments and to cut down on fabric waste during production. More about their sustainability practices can be found on their website, here.

I’ve been a big fan of Organic Basics since I first fell down the ethical fashion rabbit hole way back when, and I got the chance to work with them for the first time last fall (I’ve written about the organic cotton t-shirt on multiple occasions – flash review: it’s awesome! and opaque!).

I especially like that they ship their clothing in cute little cardboard boxes and paper pouches instead of plastic poly-bags.

And, from a blogger standpoint, they’re just really nice people. Some brands have a lot of super specific rules for how you have to post about their clothes, from what you say in the ad copy to the colors and composition of your photographs. That’s always a big turnoff for me when I’m approached by a brand. I like that Organic Basics’ direction is basically just, we trust you, go wild.

organic basics sustainable packaging

About this tank top

The new Soft Touch line features TENCEL Lyocell, which is a sustainable fabric made from the pulp of responsibly managed eucalyptus trees. It’s known for being softer, lighter, and more environmentally friendly than organic cotton, and many brands are transitioning to TENCEL as the sustainable fabric of the future. The Organic Basics Soft Touch line includes bras, panties, and tank tops for women, and boxers, t-shirts, and tank tops for men. I chose a tank top mostly because I didn’t want to post pictures of myself in my underwear. Just being honest.

I’m wearing the Lite Tank Top in Dusty Rose in a size small. It’s made from 95% TENCEL Lyocell and 5% elastane for added stretch. It costs $45 USD.

What I like about this tank top is everything. I’ve had it for about three weeks now, and I’ve probably slept in it more nights than not since then. I’m a hot sleeper, and I find that this fabric is thin and cool enough that I don’t wake up in a puddle of my own sweat in the morning. It is supremely comfortable. I love how the rosy color looks against my skin and hair. It’s also great for the gym, since it’s stretchy and moisture wicking. If I had the cash, I’d buy the black one in a heartbeat.

organic basics tencel review
Wearing with an old skirt from Old Navy that my mom sent me during my college semester abroad in Greece because I was dumb and did not bring enough clothes.

Some tips for saving money with Organic Basics

Obviously, $45 USD is an objectively large amount of money to pay for a tank top. I recognize that and I don’t think that any person needs a $45 tank top to gain access to the sustainable fashion fan club. But if you are feeling flush and you’re in the market for some sustainably made luxury basics, I have a few tips to save you some cash.

  1.  Spend more than $100. Shipping from Denmark is not cheap (it worked out to almost $25 USD to ship this tank top to Washington DC!), BUT Organic Basics offers free shipping to the US on all orders over $100. It makes more sense to stock up than to pay $25 worth of shipping fees for a $45 dollar tank top.
  2. Save with packs! One of my favorite things about Organic Basics is that they offer lots of their clothes in packs. Get five undies for the price of four. Get two bras and two pairs of panties together. That kind of thing. You usually end up saving about the cost of one garment per pack.
  3. Use my discount code! Of COURSE I have a discount code! Am I even a real blogger if I don’t beg you to use my discount code? For 10% off your order, use code RENEEOBC. It’s valid until July 21!

Just FYI, the pictures that I made for this post were taken literally right before I wrote it. I don’t love doing styled shoots for this blog – I just put clothes on and write about them as I actually wear them. I threw on this tank top and skirt the minute I got home from the office today, snapped some photos in the mirror, poured myself a glass of wine, and got to blogging. If you’re following along on my 100 days of outfits project, never fear, today’s office outfit will be posted on the blog tomorrow (or, eventually, at least).

p.s. Organic Basics has a really great partnership happening right now with Fries Before Guys, a Danish podcast that I’m not familiar with, but proceeds from the purchase of items from this collection go to Sexelancen, a non-profit that supports street-based sex workers in Copenhagen.

This post was created in collaboration with Organic Basics. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I was not paid to write this post, however, I was gifted an item of clothing in exchange for the review, and I am paid a small commission for purchases made with my affiliate links (at no extra cost to you). If you feel inclined to support me as a blogger, please consider making a purchase through one of these links. 







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