Days 18-20 | Dresses to menstruate in

black tee dress

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with thoughts on my most recent post lamenting my lack of a perfectly cohesive closet. I definitely idolize Lee (of Style Bee) and other bloggers who are so consistent in their style and professional with their photographs, but I know that many of you follow me because of the “realness” factor of this blog (i.e., I am just an imperfect normy with a cameraphone and a lot to say). Still, I’ve always dreamed of that perfect, utilitarian-chic wardrobe, and it is what I’m ultimately aiming for.

I did spend some time editing my closet this weekend like I said I would. I packed my jeans and a few other pairs of too-tight pants into seasonal storage, moved a couple of sweaters in there as well, and designated a few things for the donate/sell pile. I actually sold my Everlane Easy Chinos on Poshmark on the same day that I bought a pair of the new Easy Chino Shorts. The pants were great and there was a time when I wore them a lot, but the color wasn’t really jiving with my blonde hair, and I’ve honestly never been crazy about the fit (I should have sized down when I bought them, but they sold out of that size by the time I realized it).

Even though the shorts are the same style as the pants I just sold, I think I’m going to like them a lot more in shorts-form. They haven’t shipped yet, but I’ll definitely be wearing them and posting about them as soon as they arrive (and yes, I bought them myself with my own money).


My outfit lineup for the weekend consisted of dresses, dresses, and more dresses. When I have my period, which I do, I refuse to wear anything that’s even a little bit constricting. No rigid fabrics. Nothing tight around my waist or thighs. My body is so much more sensitive (and frankly, uncomfortable) during this week of the month, that I try to really baby it with the clothes that I wear. Loose, silk dresses that float gently over my body without strangling my angry abdomen are exactly what I want.

Day 18 – Saturday

Wearing LOFT wrap dress (thrifted), LOFT sandals (old)

Day 19 – Sunday

Wearing Everlane Clean Silk Sleeveless Dress (gifted, no longer available), no shoes because I stayed home all day

Day 20 – Monday

Everlane Silk Tee Dress (thrifted, no longer available), Everlane Day Heel (gifted)


I never really know where in the blog post is a good place to share links I like with you guys, but I do have a sort of random collection of things I want you to know about.

  • My friend Kellie of Wholehearted Wardrobe posted a great piece on her blog about fashion and marine litter, and as someone who works in the sustainability industry, she provided a lot of great insight into the issue. Check out her post, here.
  • My artistic and design-minded friend Katie of the Tingley Edit is embarking on a really fun wardrobe challenge where, alongside outfits that she actually wears during the day, she’s posting photos of “fantasy” outfits that she puts together just for the art and the fun of it. As a grown-ass woman who regularly spends hours playing dress-up with my own closet, I love this idea and I can’t wait to see what Katie comes up with. See the post, here.
  • I committed to CollAction’s Slow Fashion Season (formerly Slow Fashion Summer, but changed this year to accommodate folks in the Southern Hemisphere) where participants choose not to purchase any new clothing from June 21 to September 21. I did this last year and failed spectacularly, but I think I’ll have an easier time of it this year. I’ll be posting more on this later, but you can read about it yourself and sign up to join here.


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2 thoughts on “Days 18-20 | Dresses to menstruate in

  1. Thank you for the heads up about Slow Fashion Season! I was planning on doing a ‘No spend July’ but after seeing your post I’ve decided to give this a go. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than 2 weeks without buying clothes so we’ll see how this goes, but I’m trying to embrace the whole capsule wardrobe ethos so I’m hoping this will help. Good luck if you’re taking part too 🙌


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