Day 17 | Do I even have a personal style?

Yesterday Lee of Style Bee posted a really nice piece about how she maintains her personal style. I’ve followed Lee for a long time, and one thing that I really admire about her is how consistent her look is. In a lineup of different outfits, I’m sure that I could pick out hers in a second.

I don’t really feel that I have the same consistency to my own look. My closet has felt cluttered lately. There’s a lot of stuff floating around in there that doesn’t fit me well since my recent weight gain, and there are some old dresses that aren’t in great condition or that don’t suit my style anymore because of the cut or the hemline. I struggle the most with pieces that I loved when I had brown hair, but just aren’t working for me anymore as a blonde.

This weekend, I plan to do some serious editing. I think that having a smaller, more focused collection of pieces to choose from will help get my style back on track.

Outfit details: Linen blazer (vintage), Everlane Clean Silk Sleeveless Dress ($120, $84), LOFT leather sandals (old)

P.s. I was 100% right in my post on Thursday about the sold-out pieces in Everlane’s Choose What You Pay section coming back. This dress, which was listed as sold-out two days ago, is back on the website now in sizes 00 and 4. I’m wearing a 2 and it’s very roomy, for reference.

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11 thoughts on “Day 17 | Do I even have a personal style?

  1. Hey Renee. Love reading your blog. Thought I’d message you to say I’m totally feeling the same about my wardrobe too at the moment. And it’s exhausting right!? But I think it’s natural to have an ever changing and evolving style..don’t beat yourself up about it or think you’re not as ‘together’ as bloggers like Lee. Your charm is that you’re hopelessly like the rest of us! Very normal and just figuring it all out day by day….and as much as it’s super inspiring to read perfect style blogs I also really love reading blogs by women like you who are not as ‘perfect’ but just as interesting to follow. Hope you take that as a compliment!? (I’m not sure I’ve articulated myself very well!) Keep on doing you…it’s a pleasure to grow and reflect alongside you. Lots of love X X


  2. I’m so glad you mentioned looking in the CWYP men’s section! I found a great crew neck sweatshirt that looks just like the rust tradlands beauty for only $28!


  3. I think one advantage Lee has is that her natural style is very minimalist and neutral, which means that her closet will always feel unified. My natural style insists on some variety of pattern and color, which is internally consistent but still feels cluttered in a way because there are items that are just at odds with each other.

    I have come to embrace this, and see how an edited closet – I have about 60 items for spring/summer and 60 for fall/winter – can still exist within a more eccentric framework. But yes, I still have that problem of bringing things in or not managing to get rid of items that just don’t work. Thinking in terms of favored silhouettes and lifestyle has helped me a lot.


  4. I read that same post and immediately went into a panic thinking I have no sense of my personal style at all. Then I remembered that my style is just completely different from Lee’s – though hers is lovely.


  5. Hahhh same. I remember someone put me in a 10×10 roundup on their blog once and said they liked following me because I wore a wide array of styles. I was like “wait do I?” I’ve given up all of those exercises that ask you to pinpoint adjectives about your style. It’s easier just to like what I like!


    1. Yesss! I was so glad to see this post from Caroline. She was the first capsule wardrobe blogger I ever found and her constant message of “go with the flow” is so reassuring. Plus, I just love watching her style evolve.

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