Day 21 | Preparing to Stop Shopping

Why is it that not shopping is so hard? Whenever we embark on a purposeful period of little to no consumption, we call it a challenge, and it really is.

I’ve been hemming and hawing over whether or not to participate in this year’s Slow Fashion Summer challenge because, frankly, I like getting new stuff. There’s a special high that I feel when I know that I’ll have a package waiting for me on my doorstep. I’m also always chasing that “perfect” wardrobe, always convinced that the next thing I add is the last thing I’ll need to complete my ideal closet (it never is).

Now that we’re down to the final few days before the challenge officially begins, I feel like I’m going into survivalist mode. Should I buy a bunch of stuff that I want now, before the challenge starts, so that I’ll have everything I need during my next three months of drought? No, I should not. That’s completely antithetical to this whole challenge, which is meant to help us examine our consumption habits as individuals and reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry as a collective group.

So I’m just going to try my best. The rules of the challenge allow for unlimited second-hand purchases, and since I’m basically a Poshmark warlock at this point, I think I can probably get anything I need without having to buy something brand new.

I am going to make some concessions for new items for already-in-the-works brand collaborations, and obviously, if all my underwear spontaneously combusts or my dog eats all my work shoes, I’m not going to make myself suffer, but for the most part I’ll try my hardest to commit to the spirit of the challenge.


Today I’m wearing my VETTA Boyfriend shirt, a thrifted Eileen Fisher skirt, and my Everlane Day Heels. Please enjoy my dog’s adorable rump, which she refused to move out of the shot because she is not at peace unless she is actively depositing fur onto my black clothing (she is colorblind but she can tell).

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7 thoughts on “Day 21 | Preparing to Stop Shopping

  1. It really is challenging! I started a year with nothing new (but I can make things) last September. I have to admit to buying several second hand items. But at this point I feel like second hand really is an incredibly rich resource. Poshmark makes it so stinking easy. Too easy…😬


  2. “Why is it that NOT shopping is so hard?” Such a simple question, but ugh! Its such truth! You would think a shopping pause would be a natural ebb and flow in our consumption patterns, but it’s weirdly not. I’m doing an informal shopping fast for a few months, and EVERY day I feel temptation.


    1. I think it really speaks volumes to how pervasive advertising is in our lives! When I try to take breaks from social media or promotional emails I actually find that I crave shopping MORE, because I’m so used to being inundated by these messages. I wish you the best of luck on your shopping fast – I know how tough it can be!


  3. Recovering shopaholic here. We live in a capitalist consumerist society that is always telling us that new stuff makes our lives better in some way. I do love the thrill of getting something new, but I’ve put all these tactics in place to help me not shop (or at least shop much less.) I have to actively think about it though or I’ll revert to my old shopping habits. Good luck!


  4. It’s like dieting. I’d worry about rebound. Never actually been on an official shopping ban. Sounds really hard, especially when work requires certain clothes. good luck! I think it will be interesting to see the same clothes on repeat.


    1. So true! People always say that a shopping ban helped them to stop thinking about shopping, but I actually find that it makes me think about it way more. I think that the fact that thrifting is allowed in Slow Fashion Summer helps – if I want or need something, I can still get it without breaking the rules. (Still totally sounds like dieting, wow 😅)

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