Day 16 | Indiana Jones, but make it fashion

monochrome outfit

At the office this morning my cubicle neighbor told me that I looked like Indiana Jones and I was not mad about it.

Today I’m wearing a silk shirt from Madewell that I bought secondhand on Poshmark, my Blake Goods belt, Everlane Wide Leg Chinos, and Everlane Day Heels (gifted).


In other news, I am contractually obligated to bother you about Everlane’s Choose What You Pay Sale happening right now. All of us affiliates are out here trying to get our own little slice of commission from promoting this sale, and I know that’s annoying, but look – it’s a pretty good sale, okay? There’s a bunch of great GoWeave, ReNew, Clean Silk, and cashmere up for grabs that’s normally super pricey. Even the dress I can’t stop wearing dropped from $100 to $65 (weird that it’s a brand new item and it’s already on CWYP, but maybe this colorway just wasn’t as successful as they were anticipating).

My personal strategy for shopping CWYP is threefold:

1. Start with shoes. Everlane shoes are a good value, in my opinion, but they’re still expensive for the average person. Shoes are some of the most deeply discounted items on CWYP, so if there’s a pair that would fulfill a wardrobe need for you, it’s a good opportunity to get a great pair while saving some cash. My personal picks are the Day Boot (down to $135 from $225) and the Modern Point (down to $93 from $155 and still available in most sizes).

2. Buy something for a man. Or for any person (maybe yourself!) who likes to shop in the men’s section. Everlane added a ton of new styles to the men’s sale, and I think Everlane’s men’s clothing tends to be cheaper to begin with and have deeper discounts when it gets to CWYP. I’ve bought a few things for Mr. Goblin Shark from various CWYP sales, and he is always appreciative when one of the many Everlane packages that arrive at our house has a little something special in it for him.

3. Don’t give up on sold out pieces. Last year, I bought a blue silk charmeuse cami from the CWYP section, and then it immediately showed up on the website as sold out. But then a week or so later, I noticed it was back again. I check the Everlane site a LOT, and I can tell you that it happens fairly frequently that a previously sold-out item will magically reappear for a little while (in limited size options, but still). Check back every once in a while and you might get lucky!

everlane choose what you pay

Everlane sent me this Clean Silk Sleeveless Dress to promote for the sale, and while I can see that it’s already sold out, I think there’s a good chance it might come back (why this happens I can’t say. Maybe people return stuff? Maybe they intentionally hold some product back to make people think it’s more limited than it is?). If you’ve been eyeing something that’s currently listed as sold out, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that they get a few in in your size.

This post contains affiliate links.


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