Days 10-15 | Catching Up

mott and bow tee

I took a break from posting starting last Friday, and even though I’m feeling a little disappointed with myself for falling off the wagon so early into the challenge, personally, it was the right move. I was doing too much and I needed to rest.

Despite having to take a hiatus from posting, I still managed to grab an outfit pic each day. I’m going to post each one here instead of doing separate posts, and they’ll all end up in the outfit gallery individually.

Day 10 | Friday

mott and bow white boxy teeWearing Mott & Bow Boxy Semi-Crop “Noble” tee (gifted), VETTA Peg Pant, Olukai ‘Upena sandals

So, I never actually asked for this t-shirt. Mott & Bow tossed it in the package when they sent the sweater that I requested, and when it arrived, I was sort of at a loss for what to do with it. I already have a white t-shirt. I do not need another white t-shirt. But then I thought, hey, there’s an opportunity here to compare two premium white t-shirts and see which one I like better. I hate to betray my beloved Organic Basics tee, but I’ve actually been reaching for the Mott & Bow one way more often. I think the boxy shape suits my wardrobe a little better.

Day 11 | Saturday

everlane goweave notch shirt dress green
Wearing Everlane Japanese GoWeave Notch Shirtdress in Olive (gifted), Keds, Dooney & Bourke bag (vintage)

Best day! Favorite outfit! The fossil hall reopened at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on Saturday (after being closed since 2014) and I was very insistent that we brave the crowds and go on opening day. If you’re new around here, you may not know that I actually have a degree in geology and I love fossils in a way that is not low key at all (hello I named my blog after a prehistoric shark).

The new exhibit is really incredible. The concept is “deep time” and it frames the fossil specimens in the context of climate change throughout Earth’s history and its role in mass extinction events. It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that a large part of the new exhibit is dedicated to showing the parallels between ancient mass extinction events and the one humans are causing right now. If you’re planning to visit DC anytime soon, this exhibit is really worth the stop (and the entire Smithsonian system is free, by the way).

Here’s a bonus pic of me with my favorite fossil of all time, a very beautiful mosasaur.

If you look closely you can see the little horseshoe crab pin that I affixed to my lapel because I am a giant nerd.

Day 12 | Sunday

everlane goweave jumpsuit
Wearing Everlane Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit (gifted), Everlane Day Heels (gifted), vintage evening bag

I didn’t actually get dressed at all on Sunday until the evening. I had a work dinner to attend so I went with my fancy new jumpsuit. One of the women I had dinner with wore a similar jumpsuit and we bonded over the indignity of having to use a public restroom while wearing them.

Day 13 | Monday

Wearing Kotn Mockneck Dress (no longer available), French Connection jacket, Keds

I was staffing the workshop all day on Monday and living out of my weekend bag at the hotel, so I didn’t get a great outfit photo. I made my husband snap this one with our last hour or so of remaining daylight when we went out for a dinner date following my event. I wore a pair of white linen high heeled pumps during the day, but I keep them at the office so I didn’t get a photo of them.

Day 14 | Tuesday

Wearing Everlane Japanese GoWeave Short Sleeve Mini Dress, Keds

Another workshop outfit, but taken well after the workshop ended from a LOFT dressing room where I was unsuccessfully trying on shorts. I honestly don’t know why I keep trying with shorts. I don’t think I’m ever going to like them. I should just invest my resources into more dresses and skirts. This was another day for the white linen pumps, but I always change into my commuter shoes when I leave. I prefer the Keds over my Everlane Tread sneakers for that because they’re small and light enough that I can just toss them into my bag for a quick change.

Day 15 | Wednesday

Wearing Everlane Silk Shell in Stripe (no longer available), Eileen Fisher skirt (thrifted), Olukai ‘Upena sandals.

Not my favorite outfit ever, but it was fine. I changed into heels when I got to the office. I Haven’t talked much about these sandals yet, but I bought them at REI when I went in for a pair of Chacos (which is what all the cool people at the climbing gym wear…). The Chacos just looked weird on my tiny feet, but these pretty leather sandals offered arch support and a tough leather sole, which is what I wanted in a good summer walking sandal.

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6 thoughts on “Days 10-15 | Catching Up

  1. I love all your Go Weave stuff. I don’t think I really have the lifestyle for it (aka, I don’t need the more business-y stuff at this point), but it’s good to see several pieces next to each other.

    I’m with you on shorts, but I found an amazing pair of high waist hiking-type shorts secondhand from LL Bean and they’re so cute and much more flattering than most shorts on my pear shape. I also like the classic shorts (from last year) that Everlane put out. I’m actually posting a shorts roundup tomorrow, so shorts are on my mind.

    I wish I had known about the Smithsonian exhibit (and that you would be there). I would have tried to convince my sister to stay the night in DC Friday night.


  2. I’m SO GLAD you liked the Deep Time exhibit! I work at the Natural History Museum and was on the exhibit team. Such a huge exhale…and I’m also sad it’s done. 😉 But watching visitors in the hall and listening to their reactions and conversations is amazing!


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