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goblin shark outfits

Getting dressed for work when I have my period is always such a challenge. It’s a time when I hate feeling constricted, especially around my belly, and I always feel just a little bit uncomfortable. I finally decided to give my two pairs of work pants a break (these and these) and bought a pair of ponte pants on Poshmark to try out instead. The verdict: bury me in these pants. I am never taking them off.

Here’s some stuff I wore this week.

goblin shark outfits
Wearing SKYE Shirt Dress ($135, wearing size S, gifted), J. Crew Racerback Tank (thrifted, similar here), Everlane Stretch Ponte Crop Pants (thrifted, on sale for $47), Everlane Day Boots, Black ($225, wearing size 6, gifted).

This was definitely my favorite outfit of the week. I received this shirt dress from sustainable fashion company SKYE in the mail a week or so ago and I’ve been testing it out for an upcoming review. First of all, it’s wonderful, and second of all, it makes for a great fancy-lab-coat look. I’m really into it as a duster. My husband told me I looked like the head scientist in the villain’s lab in a superhero movie, which is very specific, but I’ll take it.

goblin shark outfits
Wearing Solika Milka Dress in Merlot (no longer available, same dress in black for $76), Everlane Day Boots, Everlane Day Square Tote ($165, gifted)

The reason why my hair looks like this is because the blow dryer at the gym started SPARKING while I was using it that morning, so I had to leave half my head to air dry. I’ve written about Solika and this dress before, so you guys know that it makes me feel like a pretty pretty princess. The black tights were a little tough on my tummy given my condition this week, but with the weather being so crappy, they were non-negotiable.

goblin shark outfits
Wearing LOFT cardigan (old, similar here), Eileen Fisher Silk Shell (thrifted, similar here), Everlane Stretch Ponte Crop Pants, Everlane Day Boots

This was the most pajama-like outfit of the week, which suited me just fine since I had a two hour conference call that I had to be chained to my desk for yesterday. This silk shell was one of my best Poshmark finds (and I’ve had a lot of good Poshmark finds!) but I haven’t been wearing it a lot in the cold weather. I think that bringing this cardigan back into my wardrobe has given me more opportunity to wear my camis and sleeveless shells, and the super slim profile of these ponte pants works better for them, too. Isn’t it interesting how just adding one or two magical garments can open your whole wardrobe up to so many more possibilities?

goblin shark outfits
Wearing Everlane Cotton Turtleneck Tee, Black ($22, wearing size S), Everlane High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans, Mid-Blue ($68, wearing size 26, thrifted), Cole Haan Riding Boots (old, similar here), Everlane Day Square Tote

I think that the key to keeping my riding boots looking fresh and cool and not like I belong in an autumnal photo shoot from 2006 is to keep the rest of the outfit sleek and classic. I love the tight turtleneck tucked in to skinny jeans with black leather accessories and dainty gold jewelry. I felt really great in this all day – I only wish I’d had a cool leather belt to complete the look (until about three hours ago, I haven’t owned a real belt in like, 2 years. More on the new belt later.).


What I’m reading: I’m woefully behind on my 52 books of 2019 reading goal, but you guys know I love my feminist historical romances, so I’ll share with you that I’m almost finished with Courtney Milan’s Unclaimed, which is about a badass courtesan named Jessica who has to seduce the famous and notoriously sexy Sir Mark, author of a world renowned book on male chastity. I could never review it so well as my amazing Internet friend Esme of @feminist_romance, so I highly suggest you go check out her review.

I bought a fancy new hair brush: my sad old round brush broke in two when I was blow drying my hair the other morning, and only then did it occur to me that if I’m regularly spending $200+ for someone to murder my hair with bleach, maybe I should invest in a hairbrush that won’t make it even sadder and more damaged in between touch-ups. I usually just buy like, whatever at CVS, but this time I decided to pony up the $26 for the hairbrush that my own stylist swears by, the one and only Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush. It is…kind of life changing. It detangles. It smoothes. It looks really cute in my bathroom. I recommend it.

My work friend is much funnier than me: I like to think that I was instrumental in convincing a work friend of mine to purchase Everlane’s Wide Leg Crop Pant, and then she wrote a review on Everlane’s website that is just so much better than anything I’ve ever written on this blog. Please enjoy.

everlane wide leg crop review

That’s all for this week’s outfits! Check back on Monday for an essay about bike shorts.

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