Review: The Everlane ReNew Long Puffer

everlane renew long puffer review

A quick review today! I know that we’re all pretty sick of looking at winter clothes, but for a lot of us, winter is realistically still in full swing for at least another month. If your old puffer took a beating this winter and you’re in the market for a new one, read on.

A disclaimer before I jump into the review: this product was not gifted to me by Everlane, but I did buy it with credit on my Everlane account. All opinions expressed in my reviews are my own.


everlane renew long puffer review surplus

I bought this puffer in early December 2018, not too long after Everlane announced its ReNew line of sustainable outerwear made with recycled plastic bottles. The line represents the first part of Everlane’s commitment to remove all new plastic from its supply chain by 2021. Whether you love plastic clothes or hate them, I think we can all agree that if they’re going to be made anyway, it would be better if they were made with post consumer-materials instead of new ones. I, for one, wear a lot of plastic clothes (and I love my ReNew fleece!) so I’m excited to see how else Everlane incorporates recycled materials in its clothing going forward.

The ReNew Long Puffer
Cost: $175
Colorways available: black, brick, surplus, true navy
Sizes available: xxs-xl
Material: 100% Polyester, made from 60 recycled plastic bottles (except zippers and trim)
Features: fleece-lined pockets, adjustable waist, water resistant outer.

everlane renew long puffer review


There’s a lot to like about this coat, from the color to the fit to the warmth, and of course, the fact that it’s made with recycled materials. I think the real game changer for me is the hood, which is huge and puffy and so warm that I rarely wear a hat underneath. It’s also deep enough that it doesn’t blow off in the stiff winter wind. I appreciate that the pockets are fleece lined – I recently left my only pair of gloves in a taxi, so I just keep my hands stuffed in the pockets and they stay nice and toasty that way.

This is my warmest coat, and while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for a vacation to Antarctica, my experience is that with some smart layering, it’s completely comfortable in even the coldest weather we get in DC.

I’ve put the water resistance to the test on multiple occasions (mostly because I always forget my umbrella at home) and while the coat can feel frighteningly saturated with water after a few minutes of standing in the rain, it actually dries super quickly, and hasn’t reached the point where it soaks through to my layers underneath.

If you carry a backpack or a heavy tote, just beware that the straps can wear down the waterproof coating in that area and leave you susceptible to soggy shoulders (this is true of basically all water-resistant coats, not just this one).

In terms of style, I do think the ReNew Long Puffer looks pretty cool. The shapeless marshmallow look is in right now (although you can cinch the waist if you want to). Here’s what it looks like with a regular outfit (i.e. when I’m not bundled up for a snowstorm):

author in the everlane renew long puffer


I think this puffer could use some modifications. For one, the pockets are vertical, rather than angled to the sides, so if you want to stuff your hands in those cozy fleece-lined babies, you need to hold your arms at a weird angle to do it. I’m used to it now, but it really bothered me in the beginning.

Second, this coat has both a zipper and snaps up the front, and I feel like the snaps are sort of extraneous. They are hard to snap closed, so I almost never even attempt it. The double zipper can be difficult at times, too, and I have had more than one “I need an adult!” moment where someone had to zip my coat up for me. Hopefully if there are future iterations of this coat, these little annoyances get tweaked.

everlane renew long puffer review


It’s a good puffer, and I’m glad I bought it. Kudos to Everlane for making a sustainable outerwear option that’s actually very functional and stylish. Fix the pockets, though.

Wearing with my LAMINI NYC Alpaca Isabel Headband ($105 On sale for $73.50, gifted). This is a luxury item for sure, but hot damn if it isn’t the softest thing I’ve ever worn on my head.

I know it’s been mostly Everlane reviews on the blog lately, but after next week (Day Square Tote review coming at ya) I’ll be focusing on smaller, more indie brands for the rest of March. There’s some great stuff coming up, so please check in or subscribe via email!

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    1. That’s fair! Clothing made with any type of polyester or elastane is made from plastic, so it’s very hard to avoid, but I also think it can be really useful and have properties that natural materials just can’t mimic (like in athletic-wear and technical fabrics, for example). I try to strike a balance between natural and synthetic fabrics in my own wardrobe – they both have their advantages and disadvantages!

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