Tradlands Review | The Finch Flannel (plus a ridiculously good sale)

tradlands review finch flannel

The first time I talked about the Tradlands Finch Flannel was in a quick little post about how to wear flannel to the office. Most often, though, I wear it on the weekends. Like, every weekend. In fact, it’s become my most reached-for shirt on chilly Sunday mornings when I want to look put together but I also want to feel like I’m still in my pajamas.

The first time I wore this shirt was during a girls’ trip to St. Louis, Missouri when I got a chance to meet up with my best blogger friends and Tradlands generously gifted each of us a flannel to wear during a group takeover of their Instagram account. Since then, I’ve thought of it as our “friendship flannel” and it gives me literal warm fuzzies whenever I put it on. Plainly, this shirt has good vibes.

Before I go into the specifics about the shirt (and the absurdly good sale Tradlands is running this week) I want to talk a little bit about Tradlands as a company.

They’ve become somewhat of a darling of the ethical fashion world, and for good reason. Tradlands makes quality clothing that lasts. Each style is slowly and meticulously designed, and the items they create are meant to withstand the comings and goings of fashion trends and hold a valued place in your closet for years to come. The garments themselves are produced in ethical factories around the world by individuals who are recognized, and compensated fairly for, their dedication to craft and quality.

What’s more, Tradlands is a woman-owned business that values the diversity of its customer base. While in the past their models and ambassadors were mostly white and straight-sized, they’ve since worked hard to include wider representation in their marketing materials, displaying their clothes on women of all sizes and skin tones. This is no small feat for such a small brand.

As a thin white woman, I see myself reflected in the brands I like all the time, but as an influencer, it’s important that I see beyond myself and take a hard look at the brands I wear and promote – do they include women of color in their photos and their influencer campaigns? Do they offer sizes for larger bodies, and are they receptive to feedback about their products from their customers and would-be customers? These are important aspects of ethical fashion, which is still overwhelmingly white and thin, but Tradlands is one brand that is doing it well and leading by example.

The Finch Flannel

tradlands review finch flannel
Please ignore the fact that I have a button undone in all these photos… real talk: I ran out of natural light and couldn’t re-take the pictures. I’M A PROFESSIONAL I SWEAR.

The Tradlands Finch Flannel was a Fall 2018 release and I’ve been wearing it regularly since I received it in November. I am wearing the size XS. I don’t know exactly what to call this color, but it’s a greenish-yellow that is startlingly flattering for pretty much all skin tones and hair colors. I was a little worried when I went platinum that I’d have to give up this beloved staple, but I actually like it better now that my hair is blonde.

Fabric: The Finch Flannel is made from 70% cotton and 30% tencel (a fiber made from wood pulp). It is soft and comfortable right out of the package and makes for a cozy winter layer. I really love the washing instructions on this garment: machine wash with confidence! I wash mine on cold, and I do sometimes put in in the dryer. It continues to hold its shape and color, but I have noticed the teeniest amount of fraying near the cuffs. I should probably stop putting it in the dryer.

Fit: The Finch Flannel comes in sizes XXS through XL and is a little oversized, in my opinion. I’m wearing my regular size, an XS, and while the fit in the shoulders is perfect (a must if you’re petite and don’t want to look like a child in your dad’s shirt…), the sleeves are very long, and the collar is quite wide. That’s not really a problem for me, as I usually wear my sleeves cuffed and my collar open, but if you’re petite and prefer a more fitted look, I’d recommend sizing down one or two sizes. Like all Tradlands pieces, the shirt has 8 buttons, which means no boob gap.

Cost: This flannel retails for $167 (or $119 – details below), and if that price makes you want to run for the door, I beg you to stay and hear me out for two very important pieces of information. Number one, Tradlands garments are priced fairly according to their quality and the actual cost of fair compensation for the laborers who produce them. Most of of the clothing we buy is cheap because the retailers cut corners on quality or labor standards or both (usually both). Tradlands doesn’t cut corners on either.

Number two, Tradlands is currently running its Anniversary Sale, which means that some of its best, most classic items (including my other two faves, the Elms and Lily shirts) are being offered at a significantly more affordable price point than usual, up to 70% off.


Today through January 15th – take an extra 25% off all sale with code SALE25.

Starting January 16th and running through the 18th, take an extra 30% off all sale. I do think that some items will sell fast, but the Finch Flannel still has all sizes available, so it could be worth waiting for that extra 5% off before taking the plunge.

I’m personally planning to get myself a Solana Shirtdress in Jessica Grey. A classic shirtdress has been on my list for a while now, and I think this is a good opportunity for me to get a really, really good one at a price that won’t break the bank.

tradlands review finch flannel
Also wearing: Everlane High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans in Black ($68), floral booties (old), Machete Mara Hoops in Noir ($38)

If you’re reading this post after the sale has ended, you can save 15% off on your first Tradlands order any time of the year with discount code GOBLINSHARK15.

This post contains affiliate links. This is an unsponsored review and all opinions expressed are my own.


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