How to Wear Flannel to the Office

tradlands finch flannel review

I don’t know what it is about fall, but I’ve been feeling pretty experimental with my wardrobe these days. I’m wearing colors and everything! Look at this yellow (yellow?) flannel! If you’d asked me at this time last year if I would ever own something in this difficult-to-describe hue, I would have laughed. Yet here I am, wearing it to WORK.

I work in a business casual office, so aside from the fact that this shirt is yellow, flannel is not a fabric that I typically find myself in. Today, though, it was raining and cold, and I just wanted that tactile creature comfort of a cozy shirt. I think that the end result was actually really great, so I wanted to share with you what made this look work.

  • A solid color. When most of us think of flannel, our minds go right to plaid. I like a good plaid flannel as much as the next person (and I went to Smith – plaid flannel is basically the uniform), but it’s not quite dressy enough to meet a business casual dress code. The solid color, even if it’s a bright hue like this one, gives a cleaner vibe overall. This particular flannel also has a bit of a sheen to it, which I think adds to it’s appropriateness for the office.
  • Structure. To contrast the softness of the flannel, I tucked it into a structured, high-waisted pant, and I pulled my hair back into a neat ponytail. I also like how the black shoes, pants, and buttons carry some consistency through each piece.
  • Delicate details. The bow on the pants, the sleek black pumps, and the delicate gold jewelry paired with subtle peachy makeup gives this outfit elegance, and it balances out the menswear vibe of the boxy flannel.

Get This Look

Flannel: Tradlands Finch Flannel, $167 (gifted)

I’m wearing the size xs in this photo, but I would caution that this shirt runs large. The sleeves go well past my wrists, and the hem hits me at the low hip, almost jacket length. I really like this oversized look, but you may want to size down if you prefer a more fitted shirt. You can get 15% off your first Tradlands order with code GOBLINSHARK15.

Pants: VETTA Peg Pants, $129

I’m wearing the size 2. At 5’2″, I do usually cuff them at least once so that they hit me right at the ankle. I like that these have a super high rise and can be worn with or without the belt.

Shoes: old from H&M, similar here.

I have ruined more work shoes than I can count on my daily commute over the last four years, so now there are a few things that I do to make sure my office shoes last. I keep my heels in my office drawer and only wear them inside the office. If I’m wearing shoes that might get ruined in bad weather, I keep a dust bag and extra shoes in my purse. My commuter shoes of choice are my Birkenstock clogs that I’ve had since 2010, but you may prefer something less horrifically ugly 🙂

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One thought on “How to Wear Flannel to the Office

  1. Recently came across your blog and insta, and loving it! It’s refreshing to see a sustainable fashion blogger with a day time job with a dress code and regular problems like student loans.

    Love this look! I can’t imagine wearing yellow to work (yet), but it looks so professional on you!


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