What I Wore |Punk Rock Business Casual

author with blonde hair and a blazer

Ever since going platinum, I’ve found myself drawn to edgier looks. I joked with a friend at the office yesterday that my new look is “punk rock business casual” but, well, maybe it wasn’t really a joke?

I love that this outfit is 100% business casual, but the styling details – the oversized blazer, the sleek black booties, the acetate hoop earrings, and, of course, the platinum bob – give it a distinctly “cool” vibe. I felt great in this, and I think it’s representative of my ideal style.

I was worried about my capsule wardrobe when I went platinum. I had spent so much time carefully curating my closet for the season, but would any of it still work when my hair was completely different? As it turns out, yes. Platinum makes everything look better and cooler, and save for one top that I’m still on the fence about, all my clothes still work. Giant sigh of relief.

Outfit Details:

Blazer: Everlane Oversized Blazer, Glen Plaid ($175, wearing size XS, gifted)

Tee: Organic Basics Organic Cotton Tee, White ($39, wearing size XS, gifted)
* save 15% on any Organic Basics order with code GOBLINSHARK_XOBFR15 *

Skirt: Eileen Fisher, thrifted

Boots: Everlane Day Boots, Black ($225, wearing size 6, gifted)

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2 thoughts on “What I Wore |Punk Rock Business Casual

  1. I just got my herringbone Everlane blazer that I have been eyeing for at least a year. I’m usually a size 0, so I got the 00 to try and minimize the oversized look. But it’s HUGE on me. Almost goes down to my knees, the shoulders are too wide and it’s very straight. My dad said I look very 80’s in it, like back when my mom would steal his jackets. I am not returning it though. Because I love it otherwise, so instead I want to get it tailored. At the very least the shoulder pads or something needs to be fixed and the arms shortened, maybe move the buttons a little higher. I just don’t get why it’s so large on me when no one else seems to have that issue.


    1. That’s odd! I’m petite too so I find the 0 to be really big on me, but if you’re saying your blazer is gigantic, it might be worth measuring it and comparing it to the measurements listed on the website to make sure it wasn’t marked wrong.


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