I Got Dressed. Take Me Somewhere.

goblin shark outfit

Once upon a time, my husband and I lived in the city, right in DC proper, a literal stone’s throw away from the National Zoo. It was so easy to simply step out of our apartment and head off to a museum, a park, an art show, or a cool bar or restaurant. I had all sorts of fun things to do and many, varied reasons to get dressed.

Now, we’re out in the ‘burbs. We stay home. We don’t deal with driving or parking, having had quite enough of both of those nightmares when commuting into the city during the workweek. On the weekends I read books and I clean the house. I don’t get dressed. What’s the point? Better to change from pajamas into what I call “day time home clothes” (i.e., still pajamas) than to get all dressed up and have nowhere to go.

Usually I am fine with this. I’m a homebody with a lot of anxiety and sometimes I feel like I’m just one traumatic news story away from becoming a complete agoraphobe. When faced with the option to go to a party or stay home and watch Masterpiece Classic in my leggings, I choose PBS every time.

Every once in a while, though, a good outfit idea comes to me and I put it on. And then I beg my husband to drive me somewhere, because I don’t know how to drive, and if the outfit isn’t put to good use (like being seen and validated by strangers) I become existentially despondent.

This weekend, I paired my corduroy skirt with a cropped white tee and white canvas sneakers for a look that said “please take me to a wine bar, I am literally begging you.” My husband is good to me, and so he obliged, and as thanks I let him in for a cameo in one of my outfit shots.

goblin shark and mr goblin shark
Mr. Goblin Shark, also a lover of neutrals and sustainable fashion.

In addition to the wine bar outfit, I wore some other things this week that I really liked, so I’ll post those too.

green body suit
bodysuit | pants (similar) | shoes

black body suit
bodysuit | pants | shoes | tote

Unfortunately, these were not wine bar outfits. They were work outfits, and I wore them while sitting at my desk all day.

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