Days 43-45 | On the Road

Everlane outfit

Today I’m doing something I’ve never done before – blogging from mobile! I’m in Boston this weekend and heading to Seattle on Monday, but I didn’t want to get too behind on the blog, so I’m trying something new. Very possible that there will be more typos and broken links than usual (sorry!).

Day 43 – Wednesday (pictured above)

Outfit details: Everlane silk shirt (thrifted), Everlane Wide Leg Chinos, Everlane Day Gloves (gifted)

The breaking in process continues on these Day Gloves. I have two other pairs of shoes from the Day line (the Day Boot and the Day Heel) and these have been the toughest to break in so far. I spent a little time over the weekend wearing them around my house with super thick socks (#fashion) and I think that helped stretch them out a little more, but by the end of the workday on Wednesday, my heels were starting to get torn up again. I think this process would be easier if it wasn’t summer and my feel weren’t always sweaty and swollen from the heat. Choosing to break in a brand new pair of leather shoes in July is probably not the best idea I’ve ever had, but I’m committed to finishing what I started!

Even though they’re not fully broken in yet, there’s a lot that I like about the Day Gloves. The best feature is the rubber sole, which feels really sturdy and durable and helps protect me on slippery surfaces (have you ever stood on a wet metro platform before? I have slipped and fallen on my butt in front of more than one train car full of people…). I didn’t bring them with me on this trip, but I’ll write about them again soon when I get home.

Day 44 – Thursday

wooland dress

Outfit details: Wool& Brooklyn Wrap Dress (gifted), Everlane Day Heels (gifted)

I am a really big sucker for anything reversible, so I love wearing this dress from Wool& with the v-neck in the back and in the front. Thursday was the first day I wore the V in the back and I really liked the look. I wore this for a few hours in the morning at work (spent running around frantically trying to tie up all the loose ends I needed to before being out of the office for a week) and then to my three hour hair appointment (platinum is WORK, you guys).

I had been planning to do a wardrobe challenge with this dress for my trip, like wearing it every single day in a different way, but after my appointment I realized two important things. First, that I might want to get it tailored before putting it through such a demanding challenge. Because I’m petite, the waist on this dress doesn’t fall exactly where it would on someone of more average height, and so if I’m wearing the V in the front, it can get a little unruly (and frankly, scandalous) if I’m not paying attention to it as I move around. Taking it up just an inch or two in the shoulders would completely fix that problem, so I plan to take it to the tailor when I get home.

The other thing that made me decide to put the challenge on hold for now is that after my haircut, the dress was peppered with little pointy bits of my hair that managed to get past the smock, so I really need to launder it before I can comfortably wear it again (and yes, it is machine washable!). So, plan to see fun stuff happening with this delightful dress in the near future, but not quite yet.

Day 45 – Friday

Travel outfit

Outfit details: Mott & Bow tee (gifted), Eileen Fisher pants (thrifted), Eileen Fisher sandals (thrifted), Tradlands Les Femmes tote (gifted)

I will admit that this is not my favorite picture of myself. It was taken after more than 10 hours in a car traveling from DC to Boston, the last few hours of which I was doubled over in pain from severe menstrual cramps – a very fun side effect I’ve experienced since getting my copper IUD. So, I liked this outfit, but by this point in the day I felt drained of all life and beauty and just needed my husband to take the dang picture so that the outfit could be recorded. That’s real life sometimes.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be traipsing all around Boston with my family in some good summer outfits that I planned, and then next week it’s my interpretation of Seattle “resort casual” which is the actual dress code for this work meeting I’m attending. If I have time to take the pictures, I might share my packing strategy for seven days away on two different coasts with two completely different itineraries!

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