Days 41-42 | I’m Getting Better At This

kotn mockneck dress

And by “this” I mean getting dressed. Not blogging. I might actually be getting worse at blogging – it’s hard to find something interesting to say about your outfit every day! – but all the outfits I’ve worn and posted in the last few weeks have been really satisfying and fun to wear. I feel like forcing myself to post every single day’s outfit on this blog has made me more discerning and less willing to settle for outfits that I don’t really love.

Day 41 – Monday

Yesterday was Day 41, and I wore one of my very favorite pieces: the Kotn Mockneck Dress (no longer available in black).

Quick disclosure: I am not a Kotn affiliate, this post is not sponsored by Kotn, and I bought this dress with my own money because I saw a bunch of people wearing it on Instagram and I thought it looked so good (#influenced).

kotn mockneck dress black
Wearing with Everlane Tread trainer (gifted), Tradlands Les Femmes tote (gifted)

I will be very honest with you guys – these days, I don’t buy much new clothing with my own money. We’re a single income household and I’m on a tight budget, so I have to use my resources wisely. That means that the majority of my clothing is either a. gifted from the brand in exchange for exposure on this blog, or b. purchased secondhand on Poshmark or at a local consignment shop. If I drop money on something new, it’s because I thought about the purchase for a long time and the price was manageable for me.

Kotn is one of the few brands that offers ethically produced clothing at what I would consider a palatable price point. I post about a lot of expensive stuff, and I know that I have readers who can afford it and who are interested in seeing it styled by a real person on the internet, but I myself wouldn’t be able to afford the majority of the things I wear. Kotn is a brand that feels accessible to me where I’m at right now.

In addition to being affordable, Kotn is a Certified B Corporation, which basically means that they’ve voluntarily invited a third-party agency to investigate and verify all their do-gooder claims (of which Kotn has many), and to hold them to an established set of standards for social and environmental impact. It doesn’t mean that every B Corp is perfect, but it does mean that they’re making a concerted effort to be responsible and transparent.

I didn’t know this was going to happen when I wore this dress yesterday, but as of this morning Kotn has dropped a fun new referral program, so I’ve got a handy dandy link if you’d like to save $10 off your first purchase. If you make a purchase with this link, I also get $10, and another $10 is put toward building a school in one of Kotn’s farming communities (which are in Egypt, FYI). You would also then get a referral link to pass onto your friends, and so on. Click here to use my referral link.

Day 42 – Tuesday

Today was day 42, and I wore an outfit made up entirely of pieces that I purchased secondhand on Poshmark.

goblin shark thrifted outfit

Fun fact, I have thrifted this exact same blouse twice. The first time, I found it in a consignment shop that I love in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, DC, and after I used and abused it into an untimely death, decided that I couldn’t bear to live without it, and found another one on Posh in perfect condition (which I vowed to treat better than the first one). It’s just one of those classic wardrobe staples that feels so essentially me. Madewell doesn’t make this style anymore, but I just scouted “silk pocket blouse” with the Madewell filter on for a few weeks until one came up in my size. I bet you could find one right now.

Hope you’re all having great weeks! I’m off to Boston and Seattle this weekend and next week for family and work things, respectively, so I’m still deciding if I want to keep to a regular daily posting schedule or do a big post when I get home. There might be a wardrobe experiment involved. I’ll keep you posted.

This post contains affiliate links.



3 thoughts on “Days 41-42 | I’m Getting Better At This

  1. What’s the consignment shop in Woodley Park that you mentioned, if you don’t mind sharing? I used to live in Mt Pleasant (many years ago) and still occasionally trek to Frugalista there, but now that I live in the (relative, close-in) burbs, I do most of my thrifting at Maryland outposts of Unique Thrift/Value Village. But I’m going to be in Woodley Park for a conference in a couple weeks and wondering if thrifting on my lunch break might be worth it….

    I had never heard of Kotn before, but their stuff looks great!


    1. It’s called Via Gypset! Just off Connecticut Ave around the corner from the CVS. I used to live in Woodley Park, so it’s definitely doable on a lunch break if your conference is where I think it probably is 😊


  2. “and after I used and abused it into an untimely death, decided that I couldn’t bear to live without it, and found another one on Posh in perfect condition (which I vowed to treat better than the first one).”

    Vowing to treat that one better. Awww… how cute! If it turns out that it was easy to find and replace or duplicate, that probably wouldn’t change your opinion though. After all, often time, the logic of many people “duplicating” the same or a similar item is for the sake of not caring about wearing one particular one to death, when the next one is up in line, as long as the goal of being the wardrobe staple is served.


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