Outfits I Didn’t Like Enough To Post and A New Wardrobe Addition

everlane renew fleece review

Today I thought I’d share some outfits with you that, at the time I was wearing them, didn’t seem good enough to blog about.


elizabeth suzann clyde vest

What I’m Wearing: Everlane Square Cashmere Turtleneck, Heather Gray ($150, wearing size XS), Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Vest in Cotton Canvas, Clay ($210, wearing size XS), Everlane Day Boots, Black ($225, wearing size 6, gifted).

Why I Didn’t Post It: I loved this vest when I first bought it, but it’s one of those items that I’m not sure if I like anymore now that my hair is blonde. Something about the warm clay color just isn’t feeling as flattering as it used to.

I’ve been agonizing over whether or not to sell it, to be completely honest. It’s such a special piece to me because I won the gift card I used to buy it in the 2018 Spring 10×10 challenge, which was right around the time I started this blog. Liz herself ended up reading my post about her and sharing my blog with her audience, and I credit that moment for all the success I’ve had since then. I thought of this vest as something I’d pass down to my daughter one day – but now I’m not so sure. The blonde is definitely here to stay, so hard choices are ahead regarding some of my favorite wardrobe items.

Aside from the vest agony, I liked this outfit because it still looked polished and cool despite the fact that I had my period and was feeling really bloated and crampy (I usually wear my ES vest when I want to wear cotton leggings to work without getting in trouble…). I had an IUD put in two days before Trump’s inauguration, and while it’s been great for keeping my migraines at bay and preventing unwanted pregnancy, it is painful AF when I have my period. Like, I have never been so acutely aware of where my uterus is inside my body. Anyway, I digress.


everlane renew fleece review

What I’m Wearing: Everlane ReNew Half-Zip Fleece, Oat* ($65, wearing size XS, gifted), LOFT Dress (old), Everlane Day Boots.

*looks like the ReNew Half-Zip is no longer available in Oat, but the colorway is still available for the Full-Zip and the Sweatshirt

Why I Didn’t Post It: I wore this outfit sometime last week and I actually really liked it, but I had kind of a weird day (this is a headless photo because my gym had no towels that morning and I had to dry off with a pair of my husband’s sweatpants, #resourceful) and by the time I sat down to blog, I was completely zapped for energy.

What I wanted to write about was how this dress is one of the last remaining fast fashion items in my closet, and how it’s interesting observing the way that Everlane has taken the place of LOFT in my wardrobe in general. After I started my current job in DC at the end of 2014, nearly all my clothes were from LOFT. I had a store card that I used liberally. It was a place where I could reliably find clothes that were comfortable and stylish, that fit me well (god bless stores that carry petites), and at a reasonable price point.

As I transition away from fast fashion and try to buy my new clothes from more responsible retailers, Everlane has become the place where I’m most likely to drop a medium-sized amount of money several times a year. Where my closet was once about 75% LOFT, it’s now about 75% Everlane. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with that – when I was on Instagram I used to have this weird idea that it was so important to diversify the brands I wore – but I like Everlane clothes, and despite the fact that I have a blog, I’m getting dressed for myself and not an audience these days.


tradlands sawyer henley

What I’m Wearing: Tradlands Sawyer Henley, Sienna ($79, wearing size XS, gifted), H&M leggings (old), New Balance sneakers (old)

Why I Didn’t Post It: Well, I think this one’s pretty obvious. I actually texted this same photo to my friends with the caption “I think I should be arrested for this color scheme” and they agreed with me. I don’t know why I am drawn to such loud athletic shoes, but for whatever reason, I always end up buying them in a ridiculous color that doesn’t go with anything else I own. I still like these New Balance sneakers, even if they do actively make my eyes hurt sometimes.

I’m posting this outfit now because I like to show you guys the things I actually wore, even if they aren’t exactly fashion blogger approved. I wore this yesterday for hanging out around the house and walking my dog. It was comfortable and appropriate and I’m not sorry about it.

This Tradlands Henley is another piece that I’ve been waffling over whether or not to sell. It is one of the nicest, most comfortable, best constructed garments I own. Every little detail is so nice. But with the color, I often find that I don’t have anything to wear it with, and it never looks quite right with my new hair. I’m going to hang onto it for now, but if anyone out there is reading this and would like to trade for the same Henley in Shell, please send me an email because I am VERY interested.


everlane cashmere crew frost donegal

What I’m Wearing: Everlane Cashmere Crew, Frost Donegal ($100, wearing size XS, gifted), Everlane High Rise Skinny Ankle Jean ($68, wearing size 26), Everlane Day Boots

Why I Didn’t Post It: I’m wearing this outfit as I write this, but I wasn’t really planning on posting it because I thought it was too boring – a combination I wear all the time that isn’t very interesting or original. But. Part of wardrobe minimalism is letting go of the idea that I need to wear a variety of outfits for variety’s sake, so I hope you can appreciate that I keep a small wardrobe with a relatively small number of outfits in rotation.


everlane clean silk cami french blue

I said I wasn’t going to shop the Everlane Choose What You Pay sale, but when someone randomly used my referral link and earned me a little bit of credit, I was off. I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to store credit, as much as it pains me to admit that to you. I probably looked at every single thing on the Everlane website before I decided that instead of going with something practical that would fill an important wardrobe gap, I would instead get something pretty and unnecessary and totally impractical.

And I do not regret my choice one bit.

I think I may have ended up with the very last Clean Silk Charmeuse Cami on the website. After I checked out, I noticed that the offering completely disappeared. I’m not surprised that they sold out of it quickly because this top is SO NICE. I thought that it would be a good “going out top” (although, let’s be honest, my looking-cool-and-sexy-at-a-bar days are mostly over), and I’ve been wanting to experiment more with blue now that my hair is blonde.

I’m glad I went with the impulse item instead of a safe one. This makes a really beautiful addition to my wardrobe and I can see it working with so many outfits. I wore it all day on Saturday with a stone colored lounge cardigan and black leggings, and then I actually wore it to sleep that night. I didn’t photograph it on because I have an enormous chest pimple right now that is on full display in this cami, but I plan to style it for the office this week with a blazer and some black pants, so keep an eye out for that.


The shopping impulse has been STRONG this week, you guys. I’m not sure why it crops up so strongly some weeks and is calm during others. I can’t blame Instagram since I’m not on it anymore, but maybe I can blame the lack of Instagram? As in, the lack of constant wardrobe related stimuli? I’m obviously preoccupied by clothes, minimalist or not, but I’m not sure how to kick that feeling of “if I only had this one thing my wardrobe would be perfect.” Intellectually, I know it isn’t true. No material item is going to make its way into my closet and make me feel complete, but emotionally, I still want it. I still feel like it will make me happy.

It’s not a good time to have these impulses since we’re as broke as ever – our dog needs surgery next month and I honestly have no idea how we’re going to pay for it – so I’m trying to calm my shopping urges with reading books and making progress toward my 2019 reading goal. It’s not really working that well, but I’m trying. What do you do to calm your shopping urges? What do you do when an unexpected expense comes along and completely derails your whole financial plan?

That’s all for this outfit roundup. More next week!

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8 thoughts on “Outfits I Didn’t Like Enough To Post and A New Wardrobe Addition

  1. I’ve been curbing my “need” to shop by donating small amounts of money to charities and it’s been a nice way to spend the money that’s burning hole in my pocket without overdoing it.

    I actually think the clay ES piece looks cool with the platinum hair, but I can see why the Tradlands henley isn’t working as well. My hair is naturally ash brown and I used to wear cool tones, but now I henna dye it red regularly, partly because I like to wear warm tones so much.


  2. Girrrrrrll I feel you on the shopping impulses (though I’m in the opposite end of that pendulum swing and don’t really have the urge to shop right now). My usual solution is to take a break from Instagram as I do feel that’s where a lot of my desires stem from; however, I guess I can’t always rely on taking a break from Instagram to hush that old familiar shopaholic voice inside me. Unsubscribing for most of my email subscriptions from brands has helped tremendously, and I think tracking my spending habits when it comes to clothes for the last 6 months has also helped a ton as I know that people (even if it’s just a handful of people ha) are keeping me accountable. I have to really think “Is it worth listing this in my next closet update?” and most often, it’s not haha. Thankfully this month’s closet update will be super short, and I’m hoping to keep my usual shopping impulses under control!

    I absolutely adore outfit #4! I practically live in outfits like that so I love seeing other people’s take on a sweater, skinny jean, ankle boots combination 🙂


  3. Before the holidays I shopped several things I’ve been wanting for a long time. I love shopping and am thinking about clothes all the time. I then decided to (more or less) not shop at all during 2019. And so far I’ve felt only relief. When I put shopping off the table I don’t miss it at all. I feel no obligation to update myself. But I don’t think it would have worked if I wasn’t content with my capsule wardrobe.


  4. Sorry if this is a double comment, but I was looking for you this morning on IG and wasn’t sure if you left or I’d just not been seeing your posts! Glad I checked. I’ll be keeping up with you here and happy to see you doing what works for you! My little Goblin Shark friend!


  5. I’m a huge fan of what you’re doing here, and I just want to say I hope you keep it up. Even the boring outfits, even the crazy ones, even the ones that feel unsuccessful – I find it interesting and entertaining (love your voice and your authenticity). I’m glad you’re doing something that works for you, and I hope you stick around this space. Also – I think you still look great in the clay ES vest. I feel the same way about my pieces, and I think you would ultimately regret letting it go. It suits your coloring fine – throw on a dark plummy lipstick if need something to tie the two together, you’ll still have your archaeologist style plus a little Gwen Stefani.


  6. I am so happy that you are still blogging even though you are no longer on the gram. I really like your outfits (yes, even these ones!) and your realness. Because even those of us who care about fashion don’t always wear super cute or trendy outfits. We all need those days with leggings and tee shirts for practicality!


  7. Have you considered dyeing the Clyde vest? I think it would take a neutral green, like an olive, army, or forest, or a burgundy or burnt sienna color really well.


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