Review | Kotn Oversized Oxford

kotn oversized oxford review

There are two things in my wardrobe that I have plenty of and yet I cannot stop buying: white button-downs and black dresses. They’re both such classic, go-anywhere garments, and somehow no matter how many I have in my closet, I always want more. Earlier this year I bought a black dress from the Canada-based brand Kotn, and this month I succumbed to yet another white shirt temptation and ordered the new Oversized Oxford.

I’ve written about Kotn before, but as a quick refresher, I just want to point out some of the major plot points:

  • Kotn (pronounced like “cotton” and not like “coat-en” as I had been calling it for like, six months until someone corrected me) is a Certified B Corporation that sources its cotton from Egypt. Egyptian cotton is a high-quality, long staple fiber that creates stronger, softer garments than other types of cotton.
  • In addition to using high-quality cotton, Kotn invests a ton of resources in supporting the farming communities that grow the cotton it uses for its clothing. From building schools that support the education of women and girls to working with farms to transition to organic growing practices, Kotn is big on its humanitarian efforts as well as its environmental ones.
  • As ethical fashion goes, Kotn is pretty affordable, I’d say on par with Everlane or J.Crew prices. It’s tough to call off your relationship with fast-fashion and feel like you can never buy anything new again because ethical fashion is often so expensive, but Kotn is more accessible than a lot of what’s out there in the ethical fashion world right now.

An important disclosure before I get into the review – this post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Kotn in any way. I bought this shirt myself with my own money, plus a little referral credit (thanks to anyone who used my referral link!) and all opinions expressed here are my own. I may make a small commission from purchases made using any links published in this post, and that is because both Kotn and I have a relationship with rewardStyle, an advertising platform that brands can join and bloggers can use to monetize their work. This all happens at no additional cost to the consumer.

Okay, so, now that the fine print is out of the way, let’s talk about the shirt! I have a lot of feelings about it.

kotn oversized oxford review

When Kotn came out with this shirt early this fall, I took one look at those beautiful buttons and knew I wanted it. They released a few styles of button-downs for both men and women at the same time, and I almost bought one for my husband, too (we went with one from Everlane instead because he’s more familiar with the fit there).

| Shipping |

Even though Kotn recently moved into a new warehouse and went carbon neutral with their shipping, it took a while between putting in my order and receiving my shirt – about 10 days. Whenever I order things from Canada they inevitably get held up in customs for several days before entering the US. I like instant gratification, so I really hate this, but so far everything I’ve ordered from Kotn has been worth the wait.

| Fit |

Kotn sizing is notorious for running really, really small. They have done some work to remedy this with their recent releases, and they have promised that they are continuing to update their sizing based on customer feedback, but just to give you an idea of where they’re currently at – I am a small person and I wear a medium in Kotn products. Since this shirt only comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large – I’d sat that excludes a very significant number of their would-be customers. I really like this company, and honestly I don’t know much about what it takes on the back end to create a size-inclusive range of clothing, so I’m going to hope that they really are doing that work behind the scenes and that we’ll see a better range of sizes as new releases continue to roll out.

I ordered the medium even though I’m petite and this shirt is oversized because based on the measurements on the website, the size small would have been fine for my shoulders, bust, and waist, but too narrow for my hips. I’m a curvy petite, with hips about 13 inches wider than my waist. I don’t like comparing my body to fruit, but if pressed, I would say that I’m pear-shaped. Long line shirts can be a little bit of a problem on pear shapes if the bottom isn’t wide enough, so the medium was definitely the right choice.

The shirt is slightly longer in the back than in the front and falls well below my butt, giving it more of a tunic vibe, which I am super into. The sleeves are honestly ridiculously long for a shorty like me (I’m 5’3″), but they roll up nicely without too much bulk.

kotn oversized oxford back
Over-the-shoulder mirror selfie of my butt – blogger of the year amiright?

| Fabric |

The only basis I really have for comparison of the oxford cloth is my Tradlands Elms shirt and my husband’s Everlane oxford. I’d say the weight on this is much lighter than the Tradlands shirt – that one can almost be stiff, while this one has some softness and drape to it. It’s about on par with the Everlane oxford in terms of weight, but its much softer and more luxurious feeling. I’m wearing a nude bra under this and I find it to be pretty opaque. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the quality of Kotn’s cotton, but so far everything I’ve tried has felt really sturdy and nice.

| Styling |

I love this shirt with skinny pants and pointy heels. I work in an office and that’s a perfectly cool power outfit for me. The model on the website is doing a lot of fancy tucking and half-tucking, but she’s a lot taller than me. I think this is a lot of fabric for a short person to try and tuck, but I did attempt a dramatic half front tuck thing for the sake of this blog post.

kotn oxford half tuck

I really like how risky-business the sleeves feel with this look. Maybe I’d do this for date night? Otherwise it’s a little too fashiony for my daily life.

More often, I’d probably wear it untucked and with the sleeves rolled, like so:

kotn oxford untucked

All in all, I’m glad I added this shirt to my white button-down collection. Kotn is a company that I feel good about supporting and I’m as impressed with this piece as I was with the mockneck dress (sadly no longer available). I’m kicking myself for not waiting a few days so that I could add some of their cult-status fitted turtlenecks to my order because they just released some really cute new colors.

If you’re interested in making a purchase from Kotn, you can get $10 off your first order with my referral link. I would also receive $10 in Kotn credit, just FYI.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments!

Also wearing in this post: Everlane Stretch Ponte Crop Pant (thrifted) and Everlane Editor Heel (gifted).

This post contains affiliate links.


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