Day 4 | The Perfect Summer Sweater from Mott & Bow

mott and bow emma sweater in citrine

This project has forced me to do something I almost never do: get dressed on a Saturday.

Usually I spend the majority of the day in my pajamas, or transition into my home-clothes (aka different pajamas) around 3pm, but yesterday I decided it might be fun to explore an athleisure vibe with my cotton-cashmere sweater from Mott & Bow, an old pair of running shorts that I bought at my college bookstore in 2011, and my Everlane Tread trainers. If not for the self-imposed obligation of posting for you guys, this outfit (which I am seriously digging) probably wouldn’t have ever come to fruition. So thanks, internet friends!

Mott & Bow kindly gifted me this sweater in exchange for a review, so I’d like to focus today’s short post on that. While Mott & Bow is known primarily for its premium denim, the brand also carries a curated collection of elevates basics, like tees, sweaters, and silk shirts. I appreciate a brand that focuses its efforts on quality, even if that means it offers fewer products overall and isn’t constantly releasing new collections.

The Emma sweater is a made from a super-thin, ribbed knit, cotton-cashmere blend that can be worn all year round. It comes in both crew neck and v-neck versions, and costs $99 (so, about on-par with Everlane’s cashmere crew). I fell in love with it immediately because of this color – citrine, tennis-ball, bright celery, whatever you want to call it – it’s amazing. Figuring out my new color palette has probably been the hardest part of capsule-wardrobing-while-blonde, and I have to say, all these cool green-yellow hues are doing it for me in a way they never would have with my brown hair.

mott and bow emma sweater citrine

The fit is described as form-fitting but not tight, and I would agree with that. I’m wearing a size medium, and although the small probably would have fit me a little better, I like the more relaxed look that I get with the larger size. I was a little bit worried that it might feel itchy or sweaty given the 15% cashmere, but actually, it’s really soft and breathable. I wore it yesterday for some morning errands and I found it to be the perfect transition piece from the scorching-desert heat of the shopping center parking lot to the arctic aisles of the supermarket.

Probably the best thing about this sweater, though, is that it’s machine washable. The instructions say machine wash cold and lay flat to dry, but I would amend that to say wash this by itself on the delicate cycle with a cashmere detergent to preserve the delicate fabric for as long as possible.

If it’s in the budget, I’ll probably pick up this same sweater in black in the XS for a light fall-winter layer later this year. I think it would be perfect at the office under a blazer or by itself on the weekends tucked into a cool pair of mom jeans (maybe the next thing I try from Mott & Bow??).

mott and bow cashmere cotton sweater review

It’s a short post today because I’ve been working on some big personal projects this weekend, but I hope you liked yesterday’s outfit and this little mini review. I will probably be back later tonight with a post on what I wore today (tbd – I’m still in pajamas at the time of posting this piece…).

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