Review: Tradlands’ New Tencel Tops Are Here – and They Are GOOD

Author wearing tradlands Seville top

Hey friends! Today is a very good day because it’s the day my friends at Tradlands release their spring 2019 collection! This collection is great for a lot of reasons – new colors, fabrics, and styles, and a diverse group of models showcasing it all on the website and on Instagram.

I’ve personally been eagerly awaiting the spring launch since about last fall (what can I say? #lizardperson), so I’m glad to be able to tell you a little bit more about the collection and show you a piece that Tradlands generously let me borrow to test out for this post.


Let’s Talk Tencel

A major focus for this collection was fabric that drapes beautifully. Tradlands has used Tencel  in its garments before, but this collection really puts the spotlight on this eco-friendly fabric. Tencel, if you’re not familiar, is a brand name for a fabric type called lyocell, which is made using cellulose from wood pulp. The main difference between lyocell, the generic term for the fabric, and Tencel, the brand-named fabric, is that Tencel focuses specifically on sustainable sourcing of its materials and environmental responsibility in its production. I’m a big fan of Tencel for the fact that it’s comfortable, breathable, and machine washable (resident sweaty laundry idiot here, hi).

More helpful reading on Tencel here and here.

In addition to Tencel, Tradlands’ Spring 2019 collection includes bamboo, linen, and of course, the crisp, classic cotton they are so well-known for. The top that I got to try out is made with 77% Tencel and 23% linen (and spoiler alert, I am obsessed with it).

105 Seville Black

Whenever I get something new in the mail from Tradlands, I’m always kind of in awe for the first few moments that I hold the thing in my hand. I know, right now you’re thinking “are you kidding me, Renée? That’s so extra.” But I am not kidding you. I’ve spent my whole life buying the cheapest clothing I possibly could and being surprised when those things fell apart so quickly. The difference between those and the heirloom quality of Tradlands garments is literally astounding.


The Seville top was no different. The Tencel is so soft and drapey, but the fabric still feels really substantial. The 105 style has been updated a bit from previous collections – I also own the Lily, which is a previous version in a white cotton/linen blend and feels pretty different. The new version feels more relaxed, with a boxier shape and more room in the arms.

I love the description of this shirt on the Tradlands website – the 105 short-sleeve button-up is a closet heroine designed to say “I’m on vacation” but also “I mean business.”

Yes, exactly.

The 105 comes in sizes XXS-XXL and is also available in gold and stripe. I’m wearing a size S in these photos (borrowed from Tradlands), but I ordered a size XS for myself. For reference, I’m 5’2”, and I have a 32” bust, 26” waist, and 38” hips.

The cost of the Seville top is an investment at $137, but if this is your first Tradlands order, you can save 15% with discount code GOBLINSHARK15.

I envision this top being wearable in a lot of ways. For this post (and for work on Friday, tbh) I stayed tried-and-true and went with my usual uniform of a drapey shirt tucked into high-waisted pants.


Here I just have to give a shoutout to Jessie at Blake Goods for making this stellar belt, which makes all my outfits better. I feel like Tradlands and Blake Goods are a match made in heaven – I’ve been pairing this classic belt with all my Tradlands pieces and it just perfectly completes the look, you know what I mean?

If you haven’t yet, I urge you to take a look at the new Tradlands collection and follow along with them on Instagram (they often do giveaways!). If you’re thinking about buying a piece and this post was helpful to you, please consider clicking through to the website using one of the links in this post. Tradlands tracks web-traffic that comes through my website and pays me a small commission for sales made using my links, so you help a blogger directly if you purchase through their site. Despite the commission, please know that I would never recommend a product to you that I wouldn’t wear myself, and all opinions expressed in these posts are my own.


6 thoughts on “Review: Tradlands’ New Tencel Tops Are Here – and They Are GOOD

  1. Thank you for the great reminder about self care, we could all use some!

    I also appreciate the honesty about the non-ethical purchases you had to make. It is another great reminder that, while it’s great to do our best, it is also totally fine if not all of our garments are ethical. Sometimes to research an ethical option or raid thrift/second hand stores.

    I really like your posts, they are very straightforward and useful!


    1. Thanks so much! I always get a little nervous posting about a non-ethical item, but you’re totally right – none of us are perfect! We just do the best we can 🙂


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