What I Wore | Summer Simplicity

jeans and tank top outfit

After an unseasonably chilly beginning of the month, it’s finally starting to feel like summer in DC! Today I put together the simplest outfit possible for a day of work-from-home, dog walking, dinner cooking, and homework. I think that this tank top and jeans would work as a great base for a ton of different outfits, but I also like it plain and simple for days at home.

Top: old from loft. I think this is their current version. I love this and wear it all the time, but if I was going to upgrade, I’d get this Merino version.

Jeans: Everlane Original Cheeky Jeans in Sky Blue. I still have conflicting feelings about promoting and purchasing from Everlane after their disappointing union busting mess of last year, but I still find their clothes to be the best option for me most of the time when I consider the venn diagram of style, fit, quality, and price point. These jeans are really fantastic. They are SO comfortable, and they fit me perfectly. I’m a huge fan of the 98% cotton, 2% stretchy stuff ratio when it comes to jeans, so these really hit the mark for me. I’m 5’3″, approximately 120 lbs, and wearing a size 27, just for your reference.

Flip Flops: Teva Olowahu. This is probably my fifth pair of these. I’ve tried other flip flops, but I always come back to this style time and time again. They are squishy, they have arch support, they stay on my feet, and they have an outdoorsy sort of vibe, which I like. I bought a pair of the trendier. multi-colored Original Universal Sandals last summer, and even though those are fun, they aren’t a good enough substitute for the flip flops. I’m always trying to get my wardrobe down to the minimum number of things I need, so I felt weird buying another pair of casual “sport” type sandals when I already had a pair, but I just really love these flip flops. When the Original Universals eventually wear out, I probably won’t replace them.

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4 thoughts on “What I Wore | Summer Simplicity

  1. I feel the exact same way about Everlane, especially their jeans. Also love your Tevas. This outfits is my vibe.


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