Review | The Everlane Italian ReWool Overcoat

everlane italian rewool coat review

Today I’m excited to be writing a good old fashioned Everlane review. The item in question? The ReWool Italian Overcoat, a gorgeous double-breasted coat that I would say is the crown jewel of Everlane’s new ReWool line of recycled wool garments.

I’ve been pinning long camel coats on my secret fashion Pinterest board for years. It’s one of those classic items I’ve always aspired to own, but have never pulled the trigger on. I looked for a long time on Etsy and Poshmark for vintage and second-hand options, but never found one that suited my style or had the right fit (I’m petite, so coats can sometimes be a problem), and I spied a few on Mango that I really liked, but I didn’t want to go the fast fashion route if I didn’t have to. As soon as I saw that Everlane was releasing a long wool coat this winter, I asked if I could have one. They generously agreed and sent me the coat in exchange for a review on this blog.

I’ve been wearing it for about two weeks now and I have some thoughts.

The Basics

Composition: 62% recycled wool, 38% recycled nylon. Everlane has established a goal to remove all virgin plastic from its supply chain by 2021, and it’s made a lot of headway by transitioning to recycled polyester and nylon in its synthetic and synthetic-blend garments. They’ve even started to work recycled natural fibers into their offerings this year with recycled cotton, cashmere, and now wool offerings.

Sizing: The ReWool Italian Overcoat is offered in sizes 00-16. I’m wearing a 0.

Colors: Currently offered in three colors, camel, dark charcoal, and toffee. I’m wearing it in camel.

Price: $298. Steep, but honestly, by long-wool-coat standards, this is completely on par with conventional and fast fashion retailers like J.Crew and Zara. A similar quality wool coat at Nordstrom would probably run you at least this much, if not $100-$200 more. It’s expensive, but I do feel like it’s important to put it in the context of the great wide world of outerwear.

everlane italian rewool overcoat review


The Italian ReWool Overcoat is classically constructed, although in the Instagram story promoting it Everlane says that this coat has a “more rounded, modern silhouette.” I honestly have no idea what that means, but I think the cut of this coat is beautiful, so I’ll accept it.  There are two front pockets which are sewn shut, but once you rip ’em open they are humongous and cozy. The flap over the pocket also fits perfectly inside the pocket, like a little envelope, so the look stays clean and neat if you are the kind of person who perpetually keeps your hands in your coat pockets (me). There are no inside pockets, which is kind of a bummer.

I think the coat runs true to size. My normal size in Everlane outwear is 0/XS, and I’m happy to report that the proportions on this coat look good on me, even as a petite. I always worry about the shoulders being too wide or the waist hitting at a weird spot, but this coat fits perfectly. It’s hits me below the knee at mid-calf, which is exactly what I was looking for in an overcoat.

everlane rewool overcoat review


I asked for this coat fully expecting it to be my every day winter coat for the remainder of the season. My black wool winter coat that I bought at Loft in 2014 has a funnel neck, which I like because you can zip it all the way up to your chin and stay nice and toasty. I’m new to the open neck situation of the double-breasted coat. There are obviously only a couple of buttons to keep the coat closed, but you can pop up the lapel to protect against the elements if needed. I think this is probably best done by securing it with a scarf. Overall, this definitely won’t be as warm as my ReNew Long Puffer (reviewed here!) but with some simple layering I think it will do the job for the majority of the Washington, DC winter.

How I Wear It

One of the main reasons I wanted this coat was to level up my work wardrobe, a process I’ve been engaged in for over a year. When I was interviewing for jobs right out of undergrad, the only coat I had was a flimsy silver short puffer from Uniqlo. I loved that little puffer, but I felt really self-conscious and unprofessional walking into interviews wearing it. That’s the reason I took my very first pay check from my very first big girl job, marched down the street to Loft, and bought the aforementioned wool funnel neck coat that has been primary winter overcoat for the last five years.

This is a level ten boss-lady coat, make no mistake. It’s a huge upgrade from the Loft coat and is monumentally better than the little Uniqlo puffer. I feel incredible when I walk into the office wearing this, and I felt cool as hell wearing it over the weekend at the Nats World Series Parade with jeans and a baseball cap. For this post, I’ve given it a minimal, casual style, but really, you could wear it just about any way you want. We’re headed to a wedding in new jersey this weekend and I plan to wear it over my Essential Jumpsuit with some strappy heels and a little leather clutch.

everlane wool overcoat review

Purchase here: The Everlane Italian ReWool Overcoat

If you have any questions, feel free to submit them in the comments section below. I also wanted to mention that Everlane is having a big cashmere sale through noon PST tomorrow. Most cashmere sweaters have been marked down to $100. I would recommend the cardigan, which normally costs $140, and/or the turtleneck, which I think is also usually $140. I have three pieces of Everlane cashmere, two thrifted and one bought new, and I really love them all.

Last piece of news: I am kinda sorta back on Instagram. My old goblinshark handle is gone, but I’ve opened up my personal account to the public and started posting outfit shots again. I just missed it. You can follow me at @reneekalan if you feel so inclined!

This post is not sponsored, but it contains affiliate links and gifted items. All opinions are my own.




9 thoughts on “Review | The Everlane Italian ReWool Overcoat

  1. What’s the itchy factor on this coat? That is always the kicker for me. I love wool coats in theory, but I always have to keep a scarf around my neck if I don’t want to be clawing at my skin all day. I haven’t ever invested in a nice-quality wool, though–so maybe that’s the problem? Old Navy-quality wool might be way scratchier than Everlane.


    1. That is a great question! I’m pretty sensitive to itch and I don’t find this to be itchy at all. I can’t imagine a scenario in which I would wear such a heavy coat without long sleeves underneath, but even if I was wearing short sleeves I don’t think I’d find it itchy. It is blended with nylon, so I think that probably helps soften the fabric a little bit – I actually find higher quality 100% wool garments to be much itchier than blends!


    2. Hi
      I like this Italian rewool overcoat in the camel color alot but size 2 is sold out and wondering if the 0 would fit me too? I thought I saw that this coat runs a little bigger? I’m 5’2, 115 lbs very small framed and bust 34D. Does anyone know if a 0 would fit me or be too tight?
      Thank you so much for any input you can provide?


      1. Hi Adrienne. Sounds like we’re about the same size. I find this coat to be a little roomy and I think the 0 would probably work fine if you weren’t planning to wear anything super bulky underneath.


  2. Great timing! I was literally just looking at this coat and wondering if it was for me.

    How oversized is the fit? I tend to prefer a less oversized, less boxy fit than Everlane sometimes goes for, but I can’t tell if this is the sort of thing where I should size down or not.


  3. I’ve been interested in trying Everlane for quite some time now, but have been hesitant because I wasn’t sure if their clothing was petite- and small-size-friendly. Seeing your post and how lovely the coat looks on you makes me hopeful!



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