Sunday Reading & More on Graduate School

power of my people shirt

Before I talk about anything else, I just want to thank everyone who read my last blog post and reached out to me about my graduate school announcement. So many of you really came through and rallied for me – internet friends, irl friends, family, strangers – all of you have been so kind and encouraging. I can’t even express how much it all means to me. Really. A month ago I was tentative about this, like maybe I’d start exploring the possibility of grad school. Now, I’m serious. I know where I’m applying and what my deadlines are. I’m studying for the GRE. It’s happening.

But with all that excitement, I’ve also been wrestling with the trauma that I experienced as an undergraduate student. 2012 was a no good, very bad year. A lot of things happened to me that I didn’t know how to deal with at the time, and I really paid for it. Since then, I’ve carried around the weight of those mistakes and let them make me believe that certain paths were closed to me forever. It’s hard to open all those old wounds again and know that there’s no going around them, only through them, if I want to move forward. I’m terrified, is what I’m trying to say. But you all have made me braver.

I’ve been treating it like a big secret, but part of becoming less afraid is talking about it more confidently, so here it is: I’m applying for master’s degree programs in Library and Information Science, which is a field that I’ve always been very interested in, although it is not directly related to the work I do now nor to my studies as an undergrad (cue more panic, feelings of inadequacy, etc.). I am really excited by all the possibilities of being back in school and pursuing a Library Sciences degree. It just feels right. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about it as the application process goes on and I (hopefully) get to make choices about where to enroll, but I wanted to share at least this little bit with you guys today.

On to some more fashion/sustainability related stuff. Below I’m sharing a few links to things that I’ve read recently that were informative and eye-opening:

Last thing, I am obligated to mention this because it is useful information and also because Everlane sent me an email requesting that I mention it: Everlane is having a free 2-day shipping promotion until 9:00pm PDT tonight, so if you have something in your cart, now would be a very good time to order it. I am personally really addicted to the bodysuits and have had this one in my cart for like two weeks.

Outfit Details: Power of My People shirt (no longer available, similar), Everlane skirt, Everlane boots.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Reading & More on Graduate School

  1. Ha! I got my Masters in Library and Information Science. My undergrad was philosophy/religion…meaning whatever ones undergraduate degree is, it really doesn’t matter for this particular graduate program. I loved grad school as it was a completely different experience than undergrad. I don’t know what direction you are headed with this degree, but do take the time to explore the areas of study, wages (librarians can be woefully underpaid!) and talk to people working in the field you are most interested in pursuing. Good luck!


  2. What great news about grad school! You can do it. I was going to go back for an architecture degree and spent all of spring 2018 studying for GRE. I took the test and everything, but ultimately decided against going back to school. But just completing the testing requirements was a big milestone. If I could do it you certainly can! 😁


  3. Yay! That’s so exciting! My husband has his Masters in LIS and works as a librarian (and I’m thinking about doing so as well, although in a totally different area than his). He has a history/teaching background, and we found when he applied that a varied/unrelated background is a selling point in the field, especially depending on the type of librarianship you’re interested in…so, no worries on the career change aspect! The folks looking at your application won’t even blink at that. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about your process and experience!


  4. Congrats on starting the grad school journey! Here if you need to complain about any moment, big or small, of the application process. Especially the weird art of writing personal statements *ugh*


  5. I completely understand the fear of even thinking of applying to graduate school. I’m someone who really struggled through undergrad and it took a long time for me to feel comfortable with applying to a graduate program. Although it can be scary it’s never as bad as you think it will be! If you have any random questions about the GRE, personal statements or just want to rant feel free to reach out.


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