How the Meghan Markle Effect Effects My Wardrobe

thrifted business casual outfit

Meghan Markle wore an Everlane jumpsuit and black heels, so I wore an Everlane jumpsuit and black heels.

But actually. After I saw the Duchess of Sussex in her Everlane Essential Jumpsuit while on a visit to South Africa, I was compelled to copy her outfit as exactly as I possible could. You know, as one does.

everlane essential jumpsuit

Of course, Markle looked like a princess and I look like I need to get my roots done, but it was still an outfit that made me feel confident, elegant, and put together (jumpsuit available here). I often look to Meghan Markle for just that type of outfit inspiration. I admire how she promotes ethical and sustainable fashion and how she recognizes the power of clothing to change women’s futures.

I’ve mentioned before that style doesn’t come naturally to me, which is why I make such a study of my favorite style icons like Her Royal Highness. I like a good Instagram influencer as much as the next person, but to inform wardrobe purchases that I hope to last a lifetime, I look to inspirational women with a proven track record of style that is not #sponsored.

I felt like this was my Meghan Markle week, where I picked pieces that reminded me of her new Smart Works capsule collection, released to benefit a charity that provides women with professional clothing to wear to job interviews, and by the low-key style she is maintaining on her current royal tour.

classic business casual outfit

On Monday I wore a cream silk pocket blouse, black pencil skirt, and vintage leather bag (all thrifted), plus a pair of beautiful chocolate brown kitten heels from Everlane that are quickly becoming my go-to professional shoe (available here). I would like to say I wore my hair neatly pulled back because that is how the Duchess often wears hers, but the truth is that it just happened to be really dirty that day.

tradlands elms shirt

For casual Friday, I went as classic as it gets with a perfect white oxford, blue jeans, and sleek black flats. I think the black belt really tied the whole thing together. It was inspired by Meghan, it had some serious Diana vibes going for it too.

(Jeans, Oxford, Flats, Belt)

Do you have style icons that inform your wardrobe, or do you prefer to dress to the beat of your own drum?

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3 thoughts on “How the Meghan Markle Effect Effects My Wardrobe

  1. I love Meghan’s style as well and I’ve definitely looked for bargain versions of her pieces. There’s something about her outfits that’s so effortless but put together. There are also times when we do see blunders here and there which normal people have and makes it much more relatable!


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