Sunday Reading

goblin shark in boston

Today’s post is just a quick roundup of stuff I’ve been reading this week. Some of them are fashion related, some aren’t. All go well with a nice summer cocktail.

Novel | Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett | A not-so-typical summer read about a woman dealing with the death of her father while trying to maintain his legacy as the owner of a struggling taxidermy business. All the beautiful strangeness of Florida comes to life in this novel, which is as hilarious as it is macabre.

Research | Toxic Textiles from Green America | A new report on the environmental and social impacts of clothing, and a look at how the companies that have made the biggest promises are actually making good (or not) on those efforts. The report itself is long, but if you don’t have the time to read the whole thing, the major findings are summarized here.

Sustainable Denim | Factory Tour: Inside the Demin Factory Your Favorite Sustainable Brands Use Loyally by Whitney Bauck | An in-depth look inside the Saitex factory in Vietman, which produces jeans for companies like Everlane, Eileen Fisher, and Madewell.

Anti-Diet | My Whole Identity Was Health and Wellness. My Reality Was Disordered Eating by Christy Harrison | Harrison shares her journey from obsession over food in the name of health and wellness to becoming a dietitian who helps individuals recover from eating disorders through intuitive eating and unlearning diet culture.

Outfit Details | Everlane Clean Silk Dress (gifted, no longer available) | Keds Champion Sneaker | Tradlands Les Femmes Tote (gifted)

Hope you enjoy!


This post contains affiliate links.

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