Days 24-27 | Shorts!

everlane easy chino shorts

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not exactly killing it with my goal of posting an outfit every day for 100 days in a row. That said, I’m enjoying this little project so much. I’m glad that I didn’t really set parameters for myself outside of getting dressed every day and photographing it – it’s been a fun, low key way to explore my personal style and share the daily experience of getting dressed with all of you.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing since Friday.

Day 24 – Friday

everlane goweave notch shirtdress
Wearing Everlane Japanese GoWeave Notch Shirdress (gifted, currently on sale for $67 and available in all sizes), Keds

I can’t get enough of this dress. Whenever Everlane offers me the opportunity to choose items off the monthly line sheet (which is how affiliates choose what products they want to promote that month) I try to choose things that are already on my list of wardrobe needs and that I know I’ll wear frequently. An olive green dress in the GoWeave fabric checked all the boxes for me, and I’ve been getting a ton of wear out of this one. I didn’t expect to like it so much with my Keds (which look old and beat up thanks to an unfortunate bleaching accident but are actually pretty new…), but this is a perfect outfit, in my opinion. Structured and chic, but playful and comfortable at the same time.

Day 25 – Saturday

everlane easy chino shorts review
Wearing Eileen Fisher silk shell (thrifted, similar here), Everlane Easy Chino Shorts, Olukai ‘Upena sandals

I bought these shorts (yes, with my own money!) just a few hours after they were officially released on the Everlane website last week, and I have to say that I am so, so pleased with them. They are nearly identical in style and fit to the GoWeave track shorts (which have sadly been discontinued) but they’re a little less sporty. I like the high rise, the thick waist band, and the roomy hip on these. I’m officially set on shorts for the summer, and probably for next summer too.

Day 26 – Sunday

Wearing Mott & Bow Boxy Semi-Crop “Noble” tee (gifted), Everlane Japanese GoWeave Track Shorts (no longer available), Everlane Tread Trainers (gifted)

Last month my health insurance company included an article about forest bathing in its monthly newsletter, and since then I’ve been obsessed with getting little nature walks in here and there as often as possible. You will never, ever hear me promote “wellness” or anything related to wellness culture on this blog (because! it’s toxic! and terrible!), but forest bathing. Forest bathing, I’m into.

This was a good outfit for a simple, meandering walk in a local park on a hot day. And yes, I know I wear my sunglasses on a lanyard around my neck like an old person, but I went wild on my honeymoon and uncharacteristically spent a ton of money on a pair of designer shades, so I protect them with my life.

Day 27 – Monday

Wearing Tradlands 105 Seville Short Sleeve Shirt (gifted), Everlane Wide Leg Chinos, Blake Goods Center Bar Belt (gifted, 10% of Blake Goods sales from 6/23-6/30 go to RAICES Texas to support refugees and immigrants to the United States), Everlane Day Heels (gifted)

This Tradlands shirt was such a great addition to my wardrobe – it always makes me feel like I should be on vacation in Italy, drinking espresso and maybe riding around on a moped. I realize that’s very specific, but I think that the best clothes are the ones that evoke such specific personal fantasies, right? I think I’ve just had an epiphany that my new wardrobe mission statement is to always look like I’m on vacation in Italy. Ciao.

Just FYI, Tradlands released a whole bunch of gorgeous new stuff today, and if you want to make your first purchase from them, you can save 15% with discount code GOBLINSHARK15. I started working with Tradlands just about a year ago, and I am consistently impressed by the quality and timelessness of their clothing. I would recommend them to anyone, wholeheartedly.

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8 thoughts on “Days 24-27 | Shorts!

  1. I’ve been loving all the outfits you’ve been posting, especially that dress. It’s perfect on you!

    That article on “wellness” is great. I’ve watched so many friends and family members fall prey to fad diets and they end up stressing themselves out with all the diet restrictions, then they gain back all the weight they’ve lost after going back to eating normally.


    1. Thank you! And I’m glad that the article resonated with you as much as it did with me. It’s hard to watch the ways that diet culture influences us all, even when we’re concious of its existence!


  2. I actually love the sunglasses on a lanyard, it reminds me of the geologist/Indiana Jones vibe you sometimes talk about in your posts 🙂


  3. Your photo of the new shorts is the first to make me like them! Do you find them true to your usual Everlane size? xx


    1. Yes! I normally wear a size 2 in Everlane bottoms. That’s what I bought, and they fit as expected. I always check the measurements on the size chart, though, just in case the proportions for that particular garment don’t align well with my own proportions.


  4. I visibly cringed when I hit the “Place Order” button to buy the new Tradlands Salt Box Top in Tencel/linen, but oh my gosh is the shirt worth it–so glad I saved up. (Their 8-button thing? Genius!)

    Also, I’m with you on the wellness thing. At first, it seemed like it was a good thing that people were focusing more on their health and wellness–but then of course it became commodified and distorted and prescriptive.


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