What I Wore | A blog vacation, a real vacation, and new lipstick

loyale studio tee

Today is supposed to be essay day, but I got waylaid by a vicious migraine yesterday and didn’t end up getting any time to write – so fun when you have a productive day planned and then all you can manage to do is sleep and throw up. Rather than post nothing at all, I decided I’d at least show you what I wore to work today and do a little chatting.

First, the outfit.

goblin shark outfit blake goods belt

I love this outfit because it features some of my favorite small ethical brands. The top is by Loyale Studio, a lovely little indie fashion brand that I had the opportunity to be an ambassador for last fall. Loyale only makes two styles (a tee and a tunic) in two colors (black and grey stripe), but they do it to perfection. This black tee is their Style No. 1, and it’s a wardrobe workhorse for me. All of Loyale’s tee’s are made in a worker owned co-op factory in North Carolina using the highest quality cotton. I’m looking forward to writing a full feature on the Style No. 1 in grey stripe (wearing in the featured photo of this post) later this month.

The belt was a gift from a new company called Blake Goods, which makes fine leather belts using old-world tanning methods in America’s oldest tannery, Wickett & Craig. This is the Center Bar Belt in Jet. Blake Goods is another brand that I’m featuring in a review later in March, so stay tuned.

You all know by now that my VETTA Peg Pants are probably my most-worn pair of pants ever, so you’ll be glad to hear that they are officially restocked on the website along with the rest of the Casual Capsule! I’m very seriously considering picking up the Boyfriend Shirt in blue, which I missed the first time around, but I’m not sure yet. I love that VETTA tops can be worn backwards and forwards and tied in all different ways – it’s like getting four shirts in one and very worth the price in my opinion (just an FYI, I am a VETTA affiliate, but they do not gift clothing to me. I’ve purchased everything I own from them with my own money and will gladly continue to do so.)


Did you guys see the new Glossier launch today? I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new Glossier Play brand, but as a long time devotee of Glossier products, I was excited to see what was coming down the pike. The new offerings are described as “dialed up beauty extras.” I had a little credit on my account, so I went ahead and picked up the new Vinylic Lip in the shade Blow-Up. I’ve been in kind of a lipstick rut since I dyed my hair, and I recently tossed a ton of old tubes that were probably (definitely) past their expiration. I wear Glossier’s classic Generation G lipstick in Cake pretty much every single day, so I hope the new lip shine is just as good!

You can save 10% off your first Glossier order by clicking this link!

Another thing that’s been on my mind lately? Bike shorts. Bike shorts are a current runway trend, popular with the Kardashian crowd, and yet somehow, I cannot stop wanting a pair. Ask any of my friends – I cannot shut the hell up about bike shorts. They call to me from Who What Wear articles and Zara store windows. They are in my dreams. I am definitely getting a pair. I really wanted to write a whole essay about them (that is how deep this obsession goes) but instead I’ll just leave you with a few ideas for ethically made versions: here, here, and of course, nothing’s more sustainable than making a pair of trendy new bike short cut-offs from a pair of old leggings you already own. I’ll probably try to find a pair for myself on Poshmark.

Next up, vacations! I’ve decided that I need to take a little vacation from Goblin Shark so that I can get ready for my actual vacation coming up at the end of next week. I have a conference in Orlando next Monday-Thursday, and then my husband and I are staying on for a bit to get our own little spring break in. But in the meantime, there’s a lot of work to do and a lot of prep that needs to happen at home. I just can’t swing it all and still manage to get photos and posts up for the blog. This will be my last post until next Monday, and then it’s back to the regular schedule. Thanks for understanding.

Lastly, it’s my birthday on Thursday. I usually like to take my birthday off from work and go visit a museum by myself (one of the great benefits of living in DC) but I have an important conference call on my birthday this year and way too much to do to take a whole day off before my conference. That said, I still plan to go for a little happy hour with some friends after work, so it’ll be a good day.

And that’s all I’ve got for you! Thanks for sticking with me through a chatty post today. I’ll be back next week!

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission from purchases made using these links, so if you like what you’ve read here and you’re ready to make a purchase, please consider clicking through one of my links to the retailer when you do. This is how bloggers make money, in case you were wondering.


4 thoughts on “What I Wore | A blog vacation, a real vacation, and new lipstick

  1. Sorry to hear about your migraine. I had one of those weekends, too, except it was from sulfites in wine and I ended up in the hospital. I am trying to work past that guilty feeling that I was unproductive when I know I didn’t do it on purpose. 😦

    Happy early birthday and have a wonderful trip! The weather should be decent in Orlando this time of year. You should visit Blue Spring State Park if you get the chance – it’s manatee season!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy early bday! Also you’re one of few bloggers I’ve encountered who’ve purchased Vetta on their own and I’m super happy to hear you love their stuff. I just tried it for the first time and I think I might buy something in the future as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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