What I Wore | Life Lately, New Shoes, and Changes Coming to Goblin Shark

everlane day heel pecan stacked

What a week it has been! I’m currently writing this from a coffee shop because I’ve found that if I try to write at home, I end up putting it off and finding something else to do with my time, like cleaning, hanging out with my family, or bingeing on episodes of Victoria. None of those are bad things to be doing, but I only have so much time in a week – I can’t always do it all. I have to choose to give up some of those things if I want to get anything done in this space, so that’s what I’m trying to balance.

It’s been hard to write lately because there’s been a lot of life going on and throwing our routines into complete bedlam. I have a lot of new plates to keep spinning at work and our dog had surgery last week to get a mass removed from her chest (turned out to be benign – phew!). Also, my husband’s grandmother passed away at the very end of January and the memorial service was yesterday, so it’s been a hard time for the family as a whole.

Despite the stress and the sadness and the unrelenting winter, I have continued to wear things. Here are just a couple of outfits that I managed to get pictures of:

black and white outfit everlane day heels
Wearing Organic Basics Organic Cotton Tee, White ($39, wearing size M, gifted), Vetta Capsule Peg Pants (currently sold out, similar here), Everlane Day Heel, Pecan Stacked ($160, wearing size 6, gifted)

You all know my uniform by now – this outfit is basically the definition of my happy place. This tee by Organic Basics is a little too casual for the office, but I thought that paired with the Vetta pants and my new Day Heels (thank you, Everlane!), it would be dressed up enough to get away with. I generally don’t recommend trying to “get away with” wearing something outside your official workplace dress code – I probably wouldn’t wear this outfit to work again unless it was casual Friday – but it was weirdly warm outside and I just couldn’t bring myself to wear a sweater or a blazer.

I am very grateful to Everlane for gifting me this pair of Day Heels. As you probably know, I wear my Day Boots pretty much every single day, but you may not know that I actually only have two other pairs of shoes in my winter capsule wardrobe, and one of those pairs lives in my office drawer and never goes outside. I was really craving some variety in my shoe options, but I wanted something that was polished enough for my personal style yet sturdy enough to commute in and wear outdoors. I think the Day Heel really hits that spot. I’m still breaking them in, but I’ll have a dedicated review posted for you soon.

llbean barn coat tradlands finch flannel
Wearing L.L. Bean Adirondack Barn Coat, Loden ($99, wearing size XS Petite), Tradlands Finch Flannel (currently on clearance for $137 – extra 10% off with code FEB10, wearing size XS, gifted), Bill + Jay Clothing Kate Pants ($174, wearing size S short, gifted), Everlane Day Boot, Black ($225, wearing size 6, gifted)

Another outfit that was definitely pushing the boundary of too casual for work, but I wasn’t feeling well and I just wanted to be comfortable. I wanted to wear flannel, and dammit, I wanted to wear it un-tucked. I’ve been wearing my Everlane ReNew Long Puffer pretty much non-stop this winter (thank you, Polar Vortex), but on this day it was warm enough to get away with my beloved L.L. Bean Barn Coat. This outfit gives me cool geologist vibes, which is right up my sartorial alley.

Wearing Coat Check Chicago Wool Bomber, Olive (on sale for $316, wearing size XS, gifted), Everlane Square Cashmere Turtleneck, Grey Heather ($150, wearing size XS, thrifted), Everlane High Rise Skinny Ankle Jean, Mid Blue ($68, wearing size 26, thrifted), Everlane Day Heel, Pecan Stacked ($160, wearing size 6, gifted), Annoying Dog, Red Speckled (free, 52 lbs)

Definitely my favorite outfit of the week. I love the colors of this outfit – the dark olive and the blue and the pecan give off springy vibes even in the cold winter. I was glad for a mild enough day to wear my handmade Coat Check Chicago bomber. If you’re wondering if all my coats are green, the answer is yes. Emphatically, yes. Also say hey to my dog who could tell I was about to leave for the day and therefore would not get out of the way of my outfit shot.

Wearing Everlane ReNew Half-Zip Fleece, Oat ($65, wearing size XS, gifted), Everlane High Rise Skinny Ankle Jean, Black ($68, wearing size 26), Husband, 6′ (no longer available)

This is what I’m wearing today! My Everlane Fleece and black jeans combo is a weekend uniform for me. I can’t tell you about this new tote bag yet, but I’ve been testing it out and will be talking about it in detail early next month. Stay tuned!

Changes Coming to Goblin Shark

For the full year of its existence, this blog has been pretty random. I write about whatever I feel like writing, and I do it whenever the mood strikes me. Moving forward, I’m planning a more structured approach to posting. Starting later this month you can expect three posts per week – one outfit roundup post, one product review post, and one miscellaneous post about whatever I feel like talking about that week. If you want to keep up, it would mean a lot to me if you’d click the new little “follow” button on the side of the page and sign up to get my new posts delivered to your email.

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6 thoughts on “What I Wore | Life Lately, New Shoes, and Changes Coming to Goblin Shark

  1. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your husband’s grandmother. My husband’s grandmother also just passed away and we attended her funeral last week. So I understand how that can definitely throw a wrench into your life both emotionally and logistically. I am glad to hear your red speckled dog is doing well after surgery! Love reading your posts and I’m excited to see three per week, yay!


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